Attendance = Success! Important guidance for students

A recent study conducted by Professor Andrew Wood (Essex Business School) has shown that students who attend lectures, seminars and classes (and also regularly log into Moodle, our Virtual Learning Environment) enjoy greater levels of success. The data captured and analysed during the study proves that attendance really does matter if you want to do well.

For example, second-year Essex Business School students who attended 100% of their timetabled teaching events achieved an average mark of 67.5% for the year. In contrast, those who only went to 20% of their scheduled teaching sessions only managed an average yearly mark of 39.9%. That's the difference between passing and failing the entire year!

The same was found to be true of third-years students; those with low attendance achieved an overall mark of 51.5% for the year, while students who had a high level of attendance were rewarded with a much better grades (the average mark for the year was 68.2% in this case).

The following video, which is less than 2 minutes long, highlights the importance of attendance at the University, and will answer some of the more common questions you might have about the attendance recording process at Essex.

Students in the Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall

Recording Your Attendance

We use a system called Count-Me-In to record your attendance. To register your attendance at an event on one of our three campuses, tap your student registration card against the electronic reader, which is usually situated near a room's entrance/exit point. The light on the reader will turn green when your registration card has been successfully scanned.

You have a 30 minute window to register your attendance at an event. In other words, you must make sure that you tap in up to 15 minutes before, or no later than 15 minutes after, your scheduled start time.

Tapping in and attending is especially important if you are here on a Tier 4 visa; not doing so might cause you difficulties when applying to extend your stay in the UK.

If you tap in to an event and immediately leave, or tap in for a friend, you are breaking the University code of conduct. You could even be fined for engaging in this kind of dishonest behaviour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the University recording my attendance?

By recording your attendance, we can better help you achieve your goals by proving you with a suitable level of support. We promise to regularly monitor your attendance, and will contact you if we are concerned about your progress.

Similarly, if you are worried about your course, or encounter any difficulties which might affect your ability to attend teaching events, please don't suffer in silence; speak to your Personal Tutor or Student Support, who can be found at your local Student Services Hub (scroll to the bottom of the page to find out where your local hub is located).

Do I need to tap out at the end of an event?

No, you don't need to tap your card again when you leave a teaching event; you only need to tap in once before or at the beginning of an event.

Do I need to tap in if I'm changing my class, module or course?

Yes. If you are going through a change of class, module or course, you should still tap in with your card and record your attendance.

If I'm attending back-to-back teaching events, do I need to tap in twice?

Yes. For example, if you attend two teaching events in the same room, one following immediately after the other, you must tap in again to record your attendance at the second event.

What if I'm ill and cannot attend?

If you are unwell and miss a scheduled teaching event, you need to notify your department via My Essex (the University's student portal page). You should also use My Essex to let your department know when you're attending a Students' Union event.

Where can I check my level of attendance?

You can view your attendance data on My Essex.

What should I do if I lose my registration card, or my card is not working?

If you lose your registration card, you should go to your Student Services Hub to get a replacement. There is a £5 charge for replacement registrations cards.

If you think your card is faulty, you should take it to the Student Services Hub at your local campus to get a replacement free of charge.

If I lose or forget my card but attend an event, will I be marked as absent?

Yes, unfortunately. You must tap in with your registration card to be marked as present. In this situation, we recommend that you go and speak to your department about the issue.

Further information

Further information can be found on our attendance web pages. Alternatively, you can email countme@essex.ac.uk if you are experiencing difficulties using Count-Me-In.

How to find your local Student Services Hub

During term time, you can also visit your local Student Services Hub for all kinds of help and support.

At our Colchester Campus, you can find the Student Services Hub on the first floor of the Silberrad Student Centre (open 9.00am to 5.00pm). Alternately, you can email askthehub@essex.ac.uk, or ring 01206 874000 for help and support.

The Student Services Hub at our Southend Campus can be located on the second floor of The Forum (open 10.00am to 4.00pm). Alternately, you can email askthehub-sc@essex.ac.uk, or ring 01702 328444 for help and support.

If you study at our Loughton Campus, you'll find your Student Services Hub on the ground floor of Hatfields House (open 8.30am to 5.00pm). Alternately, you can email askthehub-lc@essex.ac.uk, or ring 020 8508 5983 for help and support.

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