GMO's effect on stress balance among college students by: Aubrianna Green

Stress among college students is inevitable due to the amount of work from social circles, academic requirements, and keeping up with family -- having organic foods available to students would provide the student with natural vitamins that would help naturally control stress, energy levels, and other contributors that put stress on college students.
energy drinks and soda are the types of poisons that college students will turn to in a desperate attempt for energy, if students were not deprived of the natural energy that comes from non-GMO foods, they may not have to turn to these extremely unhealthy alternatives. Students who rely on these substances have lower academic success.
We do not know where our food is coming from ,or what toxins it has been introduced to. Students do not have a choice of what they are putting in our bodies, unless it is organic and strictly non-GMO.
Increased weight gain has been tied to lower grades. The sugar and the additives in the GMO foods is highly addictive, which is a stress factor that would be eliminated with a switch to organic foods.
Academic success is evenly paired to ones stress levels, Liberty University would be wise to make the switch to all organic ingredients in the ROT, in order to give students the greatest chance to regulate their stress hormones, which will result in better educated graduates.

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