Canada 2041 Sustainable future

Dear, Mr Trudeau

Me proudly, the youth minister for a sustainable future is here for a proposal. I am here to explain my thoughts on solving issues in Canada. I will be covering four big problems we have here in Canada. I will explain how these four issues impact each other and Canada as a whole. I am sure with my plan Canada can be sustainable in he future and help big issues like climate change.


One issue that is effecting the changing population is there are to many people between the ages of 45 and 65. This is hugely impacting Canada's sustainability because the large amount of retired people aren't working which is impacting Canada economically. This large group of elderly is simply caused by the baby boomer affect. If you don't know about the baby boomers, well it's when a huge amount of babies are born at the same time. The baby boomers that impacted Canada was the ones born between 1946 and 1965. The reasoning behind why the baby boomer happened was that after the world war 2 the husbands had come back from war and the wives were really happy. When all the husbands came back the wives wanted to start families and so they did. 8.2 million babies were born in that time frame and a approximately 410 000 a year. People started families and then the kids grew older and older. When they got older they invested in Canada and started working. With huge numbers of people working there were more jobs and opportunities. The countries GDP went up and so did the dollar. Back the Canada was at its highest sustainability. But now these baby boomers have got in really old and have got to the ages of retirement. With them retiring the number of jobs has gone down. So little people are investing in Canada and so little are working compared to before. With all these negative impacts, the dollar and GDP dropped tremendously and made Canada a very unsustainable place to live. Each person has lost $11 500 in GDP and depending on minium young workers won't work. From the dollar dropping and Canada being unstable, the retired people need pension. They can't get that from such little income for the government. With baby boomers in retirement homes, the younger workers are getting their money taken away. In the baby boomer time the government use to take a couple dollars from each days pay check from every person and with so many old people the government needs a profit so they take more than a couple dollars to almost double so the can afford pension.

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My solution to this issue in Canada is very helpful in making Canada sustainable. My first solution to this is to take much more immigrants come to Canada. When we invite more immigrants they can live here in Canada and reproduce. When they reproduce there will be a bigger population in the future years making the GDP and dollar raise. The GDP and dollar will raise from these immigrants coming to Canada and investing in work and their own businesses. With more money income it will also solve the issue of not enough money for pension. With so many people working they can get the same amount of money but less from each person because of the huge number of workers. My second solution that will help with the immigrant income processes is, give opportunities to FNMI people. FNMI reserves are so far from urban centres and have no job or any way of income near them. With my plan and or solution i will develop more reserves near urban centres so that the large number of unemployed FNMI people can work. This proposal won't just help Canada as a whole but will also help individual Canadians to. With the huge income of immigrants and opportunities given to the FNMI people i am sure that the population will grow of young workers and ensure for a sustainable future.

Issues In Industries

The issue that is impacting industries is the lack of jobs. There are so many industry jobs in Canada and filled with tons of workers. From the oil industry to the hunting industry, they all supply jobs for people. But the question is, do they supply enough jobs? My answer to this question is no. Industries like the manufacturing industry rely on machines and low labour cost countries like India and China. A report by Industry Canada states "manufacturing jobs have disappeared forever." They are trying to say that because of the machines and the rely on low labour there is no jobs in that field. With over 300 000 jobs lost in Ontario and Quebec there is proof of huge amounts of jobs lost in Canada. When manufacture companies aren't investing by giving people jobs they are hugely impacting the economy. This is because manufacturing industry is huge and contributes a whole lot. Just the industry by itself, it helps with 10% of Canada's GDP. When companies rely on other things, that won't help Canada as a whole it will impact the GDP greatly and causing a unsustainable future.


To fix this issue we can do a lot but one specific solution i think that will work the best is adding labour tax. This will help Canada because the labour tax will help overcome the lost jobs. But also it will help companies realize that there is no point to just get more money for yourself and let other people left to dry because you fired them because you wanted more money so you did labour in low labour countries. They will realize that it will haunt them back to because they are citizens of Canada. What i mean by that is, they live in Canada and when the industry is the reason why the GDP is so low they will get the impact of their kids paying more money towards the pension plan. With companies stopping the labour in other countries the companies will make machines and mass produce. This is still better than labour in other countries because in Canada people will be hired to actually make and maintain the machines. This will happen because of the jobs lost and the low GDP. The government will raise taxes and their kids will have to work a lot more. The solution of labour tax is a great idea that will help jobs in Canadian Industries.

Issue with Human activity

The one issue i see all over Canada with human activity is the wrong use of transportation. There is a whole bunch of different types of transportation used all over Canada. We use trains, buses, cars, plans and etc to travel around. Usually trains and airplanes for long distances and buses and cars to a medium distance away. The issue in Canada is that we use these transportation resources in wrong distances. We use cars to places 10-15 minutes away when we can walk or bike. Places up to 30 minutes away should be walked, biked or bused to. This is because of the high percent of pollution coming from burning gas. Burning gas can produce carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matter. These all act as green house gases. They all get absorbed by the atmosphere and then they destroy zone layers letting radiation come in. The not needed radiation like ultra violet, visible, x-rays and radio waves come in and impact us and plants causing climate change. The radiation impacts us with sun burns and skin cancer because of how strong the sun will burn you. They impact the environment because the heat the environment so much causing decrease in temperatures. With decrease in temperatures glaciers melt and some animals don't have homes. One example is the polar bears. Their homes that are glaciers melt and then they have no where to stay. They can fall in the waters and drown because of lack of oxygen from the air. Even with buses, they pollute but the factor that they can take more than one person is very helpful. This carpooling idea is like airplanes and trains. They take a lot of gas but can take 50 times the people that can fit in a car. Cars are very harmful but people don't realize in the future what could happen. If we keep up what we are doing then climate change can be hitting us or our children or our grand children. We will be experiences high heats and water droughts from these high heats. So we need to act now.


My proposal to fix this issue is to bring our resources and utility sources closer together. With the plan of smart growth which is a example of downtown Toronto. In Toronto everything is close by in walking distance and sometime stores are in apartments. With that great accessibility of stores near by people will see that there is know point of taking a car. They will see that they can save money with not using their cars and walking. With gas prices raising greatly they will see that they will have to pay double as if they were to walk. This is because of huge traffic jams. Like in downtown Toronto there is so much traffic and when that traffic is there you will stay in that same spot for long and wasting money. With this proposal people won't buy cars if everything is near by. They will walk and once in a while if they need to travel to farther places they can use carpool strategies like bussing. Even with bussing now there isn't stops that close by. With my proposal we should increase the amount of bus stops in residential areas so people don't have to walk so far to a bus stop. Right now there is 3738 per grocery store in Ontario. Increasing that amount of grocery stores making them closer together will help invest in Canada. Now with this proposal of smart growth and keeping resources closer together and in walking distance, i am ensuring a sustainable Canada for 2041.

Issues in physical environment

The issue in the physical environment is overfishing. Overfishing is happening a lot in Canada and has to stop it. Overfishing happens when more fish are caught than the population can replace through natural reproduction. Us people are trying to increase the fishing industry by fishing to the extremes but unsustainable fishing practices are pushing many fish stocks to the point of collapse. The act of overfishing is happening in Canada and we are impacting our own selves. If we know that more than 85% of the worlds fisheries were pushed to the act of overfishing and we are then using management plans to restore them, why do we still do it in Canada. Well people just want money and people are not thinking that it will the come back and haunt them. When we tend to overfish we impact the biodiversity in these ecosystems. A example like the overfishing of the cod, the fish or other animal that ate it didn't have any food because of the overfishing. Also whatever the cod ate over populated. When we didn't have the biodiversity of the different types of fish when the cod had been affected, everyone was impacted and then so is the ecosystem. This impacts the water part of landform regions because of the change in animal population. Its like if we were to take away the sun, we won't have any energy income for us to use. However in overfishing like the cod, it really impacts biodiversity and the ecosystems to change.


The solution i have to this issue is to enforce our waters. When we enforce our waters from other county fishermen and local fisherman that just want money, we can save landform regions from extinction of their natural animals. The enforcing will show these fishermen that these are serious factors that are harmful. Other than enforcing i think there should be a fishing season. What i mean by this is to have a certain time period in the year were you can fish so when the time period is over the fish have a chance to reproduce and get ready for next years catching. This will help landform regions stay sustained and healthy. With these proposals this issue won't be talked about again. And if someone does not follow these rules they will be charge and if been charged more than once their boats and fishing rights will be seized.


Now the connection i saw in these issues is that they all lead up to each other. What i mean by that is that they all happen because of a different issue. What i noticed is that everything starts from the overaged people. With people being old and there being nobody investing in Canada and no jobs leeds up to the overfishing issue and lack of jobs in industry issue. This leeds up to overfishing because when younger workers see that there isn't jobs, nobody is investing and their money is getting taken away for the pension plan. These people notice this and just want money so they fish. Well they overfish and take as much money as they could and than they don't worry about how they impact landform regions. Overaged people leeds to lack of jobs in industries because of the same reason. People want money so they go to cheaper ways in making big profits. Companies use low labour companies and sell stuff for same prices, making so much money. They don't care about the Canadian economy because it is already down but they don't know they will make it worse. Now this all leeds to the final issue of using the wrong transportation. With Canadian dollar dropping people and governments don't have the money to build smart growth areas. They don't have money to make more grocery stores or other resources close by. They don't have the money to increase numbers of them of resources so people can walk and help the environment because of how much cars pollute.

Climate change is the last issues these all lead to. From the 4 issue stand point, overaged people is the reason the other issues are happening and wrong use of transportation is the lead to Climate change. This leads to climate change all because of the green house gases that come from a car burning fuel. These green house gases destroy ozone layers letting in radiation. The radiation is then over warming the earth and extinction of animals like the polar bear. The warmth melts glaciers and leaves polar bears to no habitat which ends up killing the bear. When the bears all die it impacts the food chain because them being on the top, the animals they eat will over populate which will then eat everything of what they eat. When the food chain is ruined like this it kills ecosystems leaving the with nothing.


Thank you Mr. Trudeau on listening to my proposals. I hope you take them into consideration when thinking for a sustainable future in 2041.


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