The Indaus Valley By Brendan

This is where you will be celebrating your wonderful place for settling near the Indus River

The place you will be staying at will have wonderful houses they have a actual sewer system that works. They have houses for you can stay warm in the night and to keep bad weather out and They have their sewer systems for all of your business doesn't lay around the town but underground.

They have fun games for the whole family. They have dominos and dice for the kids can have fun after a long days work.

The River has all of your needs they have food and water. The river has fresh water to drink . They have good drinking water or the people couldn't live without it.

The river floods every year and rarely distroyes crops and leaves silt. It is Inportont for a river to flood to water the crops. The silt helps the crops grow faster and gives fertile soil.
Why aren't you packing your bags now.


Created with images by heystax - "View from Thiksay Monastery across the Indus valley to Stok" • wildxplorer - "Postcard from Ladakh" • mckaysavage - "India - Ladakh - Travel - 019 - The Indus River" • maxos_dim - "kashmir indus river himalaya" • t3rmin4t0r - "Zanskar Indus confluence" • BY-YOUR-⌘ - "Iglesia Cortes de la Frontera"

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