Chengdu or Datong? Nicole Sun


Chengdu, an up and coming city that is booming in economic perspectives, Datong, a city that has a stable government, and many good opportunities for work. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each city? Where should we go?


FOOD? Food!!!

In Chengdu, there is a variety of food that caters to different cultures, and according to google maps, there are multiple "western" style restaurants, a few locations that serve Indian cuisine, and a few Thai restaurants. However, the local cuisine itself is very popular in most parts of china. According to google maps, there are multiple "western" style restaurants, a few locations that serve Indian cuisine, and a few Thai restaurants. In almost anywhere in the country, you can find shops selling "Chengdu hotpot" or "shui zhu meat" . The majority of the food in Chengdu is spicy, but there are also non spicy options, like different types and dishes of rabbit meat, a local favorite. Another food related benefit from living in Chengdu is that the food in Chengdu is also 65% cheaper then Datong, which is very important considering that food is something we have to purchase every single day. To sum it up, food is no problem for living in Chengdu.

Restaurants, street food, and markets, Chengdu has it all!
Education Makes you successful!

The education in Chengdu is wonderful, as there are many outstanding schools. A noteworthy mention is Chengdu's Sichuan University, which is, according to 4icu.org's school ranking, currently #20 in the school ranking for China. Other than that, the Southwest Jiao Tong university is ranked at #55, and the Southwestern University of Economics and Finance is ranked at #95. For a top middle school, there is the Chengdu no7 middle school, which is famous for its high education level in the areas surrounding. In other words, the education in Chengdu is near top of the line.


The climate in Chengdu is pretty warm all year long, as a subtropical region, with the coldest temperature all year long being 2 degrees Celsius. Due to the location of Chengdu, the daylight hours there are very short. Added onto the fact that there is a ton of rainfall, with the months with the most having about 240mm of rain, sunny days are rare.

Chengdu and rain, two things that are impossible to separate.

So what about earthquakes?

The earthquakes in Chengdu have all been pretty serious in terms of magnitude, but there are a lot less of them compared to in Datong. In the last 100 years or so, there have been about 52 earthquakes with the average depth being 24km and the average magnitude of 7. Even though Chengdu earthquakes have a huge magnitude, they aren't very frequent, so it may not be that much of a problem.

jobs aren't a problem

There are 8 major pillar industries in Chengdu, being the electronic info, food processing, machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, auto, building materials, light industry, giving one many opportunities and choices for work. The unemployment rate in Chengdu is 2.82%, which is pretty low compared to some of the other cities in china like Shanghai. As calculated by www.numbeo.com, the average living cost in Chengdu is 2,860.71¥ without rent.


Food is vital, no matter where you are

Datong also has plenty of good food, though not as varied or popular as Chengdu's local cuisine, many datong dishes are considered everyday household classics, like cat ear buckwheat getuo. Other then the local cuisine, like Chengdu, google maps says that there is also "western" food in Datong, though there seems to be a lack in any other foreign cuisine. Datong also likes to eat rabbit meat, but mainly the head, as one of the local delicacies is "red oil rabbit head", which is rabbit head with spicy red oil. Another very popular local food is "yellow cake", which is a type of bread made out of the locally produced broom millet flour, and can either be steamed or fried. Many people have this for lunch on a daily basis because it is easy to access and quite cheap.

one of the many food stalls datong has to offer.
Schools are a plenty, but quality may not be top

Datong education is ok, as there is one university, Datong university ranked #613 and #3934 in the world. As for middle schools and elementary schools, there are 10 major ones in Datong, 6 are middle schools, and 4 are elementary schools. Notable middle schools in the area include Datong No. 1 middle school, which claims to be the best middle school in the area, but is not notably recognized by any schools in the area, and Beiyue middle school, which also seems to be quite significant to the area. Overall, Datong education is not very outstanding, and can be quite mediocre.

plenty of sunlight in datong!
Climate is nice :)

The climate in Datong is quite cold compared to Chengdu, with the coldest temperatures in the winter reaching as low as -17 degrees Celcius, and the highest temperature being 28 degrees celcius. There is also not as much rain as there in Chengdu, being located to the north, where the climate is dryer. On the flip side, there is much more hours of daylight then there is in Chengdu, also due to where Datong is located. The most daylight hours recorded is 10 hours of daylight, in June.

Earthquakes in Datong have much smaller magnitudes then they do in Chengdu, but instead there are many, many more of them, there have been up to 50 earthquakes since 1960, which is much more then Chengdu.
a strong economy

Datong's GDP ranked 9th in the Shanxi prefecture, proving that Datong's economic outlook is fairly good. The main industry in Datong is coal mining, as according to chinaknowledge.com , Datong is one of the largest coal production hubs in China. Worry not, if you don't want to work in the coal production industry, other pillar industries include electricity production , nonferrous metal industry, construction material making industry, equipment manufacturing industry, and the textile industry. According to www.chinaknowledge.com, the unemployment rate: 2.8%, which is lower then it is in Chengdu. Other advantages in living in Datong includes that the housing is 2%cheaper then in Chengdu, clothing is 3%cheaper then in Chengdu, and entertainment is 4%cheaper then in Chengdu. Overall, Datong's economic outlook is not bad.

We really should go to chengdu!

All in all, I think that we should move to Chengdu. The education there is wonderful, there is a huge variety of choices of food, which is even greater then Datong, and the warm subtropical temperature. These are all reasons why we should move to Chengdu, not to mention that the food is cheaper and that the pillar jobs are more varied then they are in Datong, which means more fields of work to choose.

One may argue that Chengdu has many more high magnitude earthquakes, therefor it might not be vary safe to live there, which is why Datong might be a safer place to live. However, from these statistics from the graph and the table, you can tell that there are frequently more earthquakes in Datong, but the magnitude is low, whilst the magnitude is higher but there are less earthquakes in Sichuan. The main evidence behind this is that even though all the Datong earthquakes range between the years 1970 to almost 2020, there is the same number of earthquake in that small-time period then there is that of Sichuan earthquakes, which range from 1901 to 2008. From this data, we can infer that if we were given the same amount of data from Datong then there is from Sichuan, which would mean we could get all earthquakes recorded since 1901, there would probably be many more earthquakes in Datong then there was in Sichuan. However, because of the high magnitude in Sichuan, one earthquake would create enough damage to match that of probably three or four earthquakes from Datong, therefor giving us the traditional problem of quality to quantity, proving that both places are basically the same involving damage, it’s just a problem of whether you prefer a lot of small earthquakes, or just a huge one every few years, so really, there isn't much difference in where you live, so the claim that Datong is safer can be said to be not valid, therefor sealing the fact that we should live in Chengdu.

THANK you for watching!!!


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