NBMS GT Newsletter November Fall Edition

GT mid-year evaluations will be going home with kiddos the middle of January, so please look for these and we'd love to hear back from you. How are we doing? Your input helps us strengthen our GT program.

8th Grade Silhouette Activity

8th grade GT students chose someone who exemplified their passion and created a silhouette that included details of who that person is, what their passion is and why they find it so fascinating.

8th graders showing off their silhouettes!

7th Graders Researched Spanish Missions

The class gathered into 5 groups mirroring the 5 different Spanish Missions in the San Antonio area. They were asked to research the site, find 5-8 pictures that represent different views and qualities of the facility. Then they were directed to create descriptive captions that discuss various facets of the Mission itself to use as captioning and narrative in their presentation. Finally, oral presentations were made to the class. Enjoy the following sample of one of our groups.

There is a follow up in progress where students will create a 3D representation of the Mission their group worked on. They get nearly total creative control over what that product looks like.

7th Grade Reflections Challenge

For the last Rachel's Challenge activity, the 7th grade GT kids were challenged to take a photo of an art students' work hanging in the 900 hallway and explain in exactly 50 words how it represents compassion to them. Most worked in partners with some working independently. Enjoy the following samples of some of their work.


Nathalia Moreno with her Anti Drug Campaign PBL product

6th grade GT students worked together in groups to come up with an Anti Bullying or Anti Drug commercial, song, skit or other product to share their views during Red Ribbon Week. Nice job sharing positive messages!

Holiday PBL Projects Keep 6th Graders Busy

Pooja Patel, Allison Holliday, Brody Maresh, Joshua Buikema, Dallas Pertuis, Jackson Sweet, Nathan Aguirre, Luke Leal, & James Maravits are working hard brainstorming their fundraising ideas.

An exciting holiday PBL project has the 6th grade GT students acting as advertising agencies to create fundraisers for clubs here at NBMS. They are asked to create either Holiday Greeting Cards or Holiday Baked Goods to use in their final advertisement. These will be presented the week before benchmarks. Yum! We all want invitations:)))

Don't miss the NBMS GT SHOWCASE

NBMS/ORMS GT Showcase is scheduled for Wednesday, April 25, 2018. GT students from both campuses will spend the day sharing their hard work and displaying projects for their peers to critique. They will enjoy a meal together and begin building GT friendships. Parents are invited to join us from 2:00-3:30 at NBMS to view and enjoy the student projects. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Look for the winter edition of the NBMS GT Newsletter in late January!

All clipart from Google Images.

Contact Kacy Zaleski at kzaleski@nbisd.org for GT information or if you would like to add an email to our mailing list.

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