Current Event by:quinn

A woman was hiking in Khao Yai national park and went on a trail that was restricted to tourist. She found some crocodiles and she tried to take a selfie but she was near the edge and she fell into the water, Then the crocodile bit her severely on the leg. The Woman had to be taken from the park on a stretcher into an ambulance and taken to the bangkok hospital, she is expected to recover.

The Khao Yai national park is near the middle of Thailand, Bangkok. The park is about 837 miles squared and is the 7th largest national park in Thailand. The Haew Suwat falls is the most popular waterfall in Khao Yai park because of the easy access to get to the waterfall and because of a major campsite right by the falls.

These are how big the crocodiles are in Thailand. The crocodile is about 1,100lbs and is about 14 feet long. This very crocodile is the one that bit that girl on the leg and made her go to the hospital.

People are getting way to reckless when they are trying to take a selfie of wild animals and people are getting hurt because of these selfies so people should really stop taking selfies when they know that they aren't safe.

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