New York City The Capital of the world

New York City is a very historical city it's visited by many people from other countries in the world to go site seeing. It is known as the capital of the world because there is a diversity of people who live there.

The Statue of liberty

This statue was made to commemorate the centennial of the declaration of independence. America agreed to build the pedestal and France built the statue. The statue was assembled on an island which is known as liberty island today.

World trade center

Not only is it the third tallest building in the world, it is the tallest in New York City. This is where all of the worlds trade is done. It is also known as the freedom tower.

Times Square

Times Square is in the theater district of midtown manhattan. There are many theaters, hotels, and restaurants that you can go to. Time Square Is one of the reason why tourist come to New York City.

This Is a Deli

These are very precious in New York City. You can find many of these there, the best ones are usually at the corner. This is where you can breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Madison's Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is an indoor arena in Manhattan. This where many NBA game are done in New York. It also has theaters and fast food restaurants.

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a very beautiful complex that consist of multiple commercial buildings. You can go skating and even see the tree when its that time of year.

NYC Taxi

There are many taxis just like these all throughout New York City. If u need quick transportation in Manhattan this will be your best bet.

NYC Buses

This is the most used transportation in New York City. It is the cheapest option you will have. You can usually get a free ride by saying "no metro".


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