The Spacial Experience - By Melissa Gurney The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

While everyone was waiting for the doors to open and for their friends to join them, the crowds waited outside the theater in the brightly-light and open surroundings of the Reitz Union. Once it was almost time for the play to start, people funneled into the lobby of the theater to make a line at the theater doors. The lobby was not as bright as the Reitz Union but it was not as dim as the theater. Once crossing over the threshold to enter the theater, I was welcomed by the dim lighting and noisy chatter as the crowd was directed to their seats. My seat was in the left part of middle section towards the back. I enjoyed my location. I saw the full stage and all of the scenes that happened off stage or in the audience. The mass of the crowd talking and then becoming silent as the lights darkened gave an overwhelming feeling of the arts and theater because everyone came to enjoy the same production. Spacial place is important to the "Good Life." In order to experience a "Good Life," you have to be happy with where you are first.


Melissa Gurney

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