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Hi everyone ! A friend of mine Romain Masneuf and I, Timothée Périn, plan to run the world from the middle of october till... We are both finishing our master degree this summer 2017. To celebrate it and forward all because we think that when you start working that becames difficult to travel, we want to take this chance now

The world tour it is now our never! :-)

We haven't even started the preparation yet but...

I've got something to tell you

  1. Purpose of the site

How to select countries when you plan to go to almost all the continents? Due to your previous travels, personnal motivation to go for a country, your social network? Yeah but that's no enough! Then you check on internet but there are so many differents websites. I got lost. World is changing all the time ! The information provided last year may be already obsolete.

Indeed I want to make one website which would gather real time information from people who like to share their experiences and who are running the world at this moment !

Share your experience and makes us dreaming with you!

I have notice that it doesn't exist any website, blog which gather real time information from backpackers who share travel anectote with passion. Indeed I want to make from this blog a complete source of information for anyone who plan to go abroad.

Nowadays, as time goes on, travelling becomes easier and easier. Lucky us!

But taking precaution and reflex about a secure way to do it, is essential. Particularly when you want to make a road trip but you don’t know which country will be the safest way.

In order to make it easy for you, this website provide the most recent news due to backpackers currently running the world.

We are trying to get reports from communicants in real time to provide you the most relevant information to set up your travel.

All countries interest us but also the good places to be in the country, where to sleep, how to find jobs, what is the best way to move, how to eat and so on…

Help the futur backpacker who planned to go for the adventure, make us dream with you, share your experiences !

Stay tune

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