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Class 1:

After mulling and considering various UX/UI problems to solve I came to the realization that I am always making excuses for my Design History website. This is a website I created and use for my course, yet links to the design images are not located in logical locations, assignment files are also not easily found and students cannot easily find their way around without my personal assistance. Therefore it's interface is a prime problem to solve.

To create the personas I collected and used basic age information, interest in subject matter information along with additional information. This was a bit confusing at first yet after the live class and viewing the assignment video, the ideas for these personas began to ferment within my imagination.

I appreciate the ability to not only use Adobe Illustrator for illustration and design, but also as a way to organize information. One thing I need to understand more clearly about Creative Cloud applications is why they often take so long to open on my Mac. If they are installed on my hard drive, why does it need to update fonts, perspective tools etc . To do this assignment it took about 5 minutes to open up AI 2017.

I discover while creating the personas that I develop greater understanding of my 'audience' within my Design History course. This will not only assist me in redesigning the course website but also gives me greater understanding of their needs and desires for this course.

Also discovered within this section was knowledge about how to open an embedded video inside of its native location.

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