The Georgian Friday, 20 November 2020


A personal message from William and Catherine

We would like to thank the school community for their generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness since the birth of Hamish. We have been hugely grateful for the good wishes from our families.

Hamish James George

Once again, I would also like to apologise for my COVID-19 forced absence this week, and would like to extend my gratitude to the senior team – Kevin, Emma, Louise, Ian and Katie – and my colleagues for their hard work. I have been keeping in touch from home and have been delighted to hear that it’s been a great week. Certainly the sounds of children playing during their break and lunch times have been a welcome tonic for the inhabitants of the Head’s house!

I often ask pupils to give me their highlights of either the day or week, and I’ll happily share mine this week: interviewing our four extremely strong candidates from Year 8 for the position of Heads of School was a huge privilege for me. I was struck by their strong motivation to apply the very different strengths and aims they would bring to the role, and how they could themselves relate to strong role models from Year 8 when they were younger. We have made exciting appointments and I know they will all, during their time in office, contribute great things to the school: environmental awareness; linking up younger children with our Year 7s and 8s; an advocate for girls; and opportunities for connections with other schools. Their ideas were fantastic, and I look forward to seeing them come to fruition. One must never underestimate the value of leadership amongst our pupils, especially at the top end of the school.

All being well, Arthur and I will be back in school physically on Thursday – we can’t wait (and nor can Catherine!).

Wishing all families a happy weekend,



Kindergarten Ladybirds

Matilda, who loves to join in with everything we do at school. She includes everyone in her play and listens to the ideas of her friends.

Olivia, whose enthusiasm in the swimming pool is inspiring to see. She carefully listens and confidently swims in the pool.

Kindergarten Bees

Farid, who spent a long time helping his teacher paint a large wall. He carefully printed each brick using paint and a wooden block.

Joseph, for drawing an amazing octopus on the outdoor chalkboard.

Reception E

Max, who has really turned on his ‘listening ears’ this week. Keep them working Max!

Florence, for taking great pride in her Christmas play role and saying her words beautifully.

Cora, for making great progress with her reading and writing. She loves her Read Write Inc lessons. Keep it up Cora!

Reception P

Willow, for writing a fantastic “Funnybones” story without any help from a grown up.

Kieron, for using wonderful expression when saying his words for the Christmas show.

Oliver, for working really hard in Read Write Inc and has made some super progress. He loves joining in with the Ditty Story books.

Florence, for making great progress with her reading and loving to share a book with friends.


Maxi, for giving great answers in class and using his super general knowledge.

Millie, for always being kind to those around hr and for always helping her teachers.

Naina, for working hard on being neat and spelling correctly within her writing.


Essa, for writing a beautiful Winter acrostic poem.

Jannah, for excellent focus and understanding in Maths.

Jack, for excellent reading and progressing to the next reading level.


Judah, for brilliant Maths work learning how to complete column addition.

Louise, for beautiful, descriptive writing about Winter and completing a lovely poem.

Zac, for enthusiasm for the House competition and making a wonderful ship for his House, Victory!


William, for focusing well in lessons and taking more care with the presentation of his work.

Freddy, for his enthusiasm in our play rehearsals. He is working really hard and using lovely expressions.

Alex S, for working well in lessons and participating more confidently in discussions, offering his thoughts and ideas.


Georgina, for always aiming to complete detailed English work with good content.

Freddie, for pleasing English and Maths work with more thorough checking.


Arthur, for putting up his hand and answering lots of questions in class.

Bertie, for working hard on his writing. He has written a great plan for an extra chapter of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.

Bronze Kindness Code Awards

Freddy, Aarohi, Kourosh, Preet and Frankie.

English Puzzles – 3 correct in a row

Alessandro L, Dylan W, Francisco VB, Freddie L, Harriet W B, Harry D, Holly G, Jago C, Judah H, Louise R, Ludo O, Nina J, Preet P, Sanvir B, Sean O’M, Sebastian R, William T and Zac A.

Maths Puzzles – 3 correct in a row

William T, Toby M, Luca S and Alex B.

Head Master's Commendations

Leonardo DZZ and Kimon L: for trying their best to participate in French lessons.

Andreas L, Josh I, Edith R and Matilda U I: for consistent hard work in French and excellent work on the agreement of adjectives.

George H, Lily D, Isla M, Charlie H, Sam P, Reya M, Nate M and Liv D (Y6), Tomasz M and Alex W (Y7), Savannah Kennedy (Y8): for excellent revision and consistent hard work in French.

Nathan E: for great effort in Science and English.

Leonardo DZZ: for excellent handwriting and improved effort.

AJ E: for excellent all-round effort in every subject.

Inara H and Miles M (Year 8), Henry B and Kobe L (Y7), Reya M (Y6): for highly commendable effort in Science.

Tilly W, Isla M, Liv D, Tomasz M and Owen H: for excellence in History.

Alexander LV: for excelling himself in developing his descriptive writing techniques. He has written some fantastic descriptions of the main characters in Narnia and has had a really sparkle about him in lessons.

Thomas B, Jonty O, Harry M, Theo H and Sajan P: for showing great teamwork in putting together and performing a fabulous rendition of the play Goldilocks.


Spirit of St George's Award

Mariella O'B: for always being kind, helpful and positive in Form Times.

Poppy J: for her ever-present friendliness and kindness in form.

Ben I'A: for being a kind and caring friend.

Views and News from the School this Week

St George's pupils joined pupils from hundreds of other schools around the country by wearing odd socks on Odd Socks Day, the first day of Anti-Bullying Week 2020. The day was fun and gave everyone a chance to express themselves and what makes them unique.

Antarctic Flag Competition

Earlier this term Ms Ralfe registered St George’s for the UK Polar Network Antarctica Day flag project 2020. Over 150 schools from eight different countries are taking part. During form time pupils in Years 4 – 8 were tasked with designing a bright and colourful flag suitable for flying in the icy location of Antarctica on Antarctica Day. 67 designs were received from Years 4, 5, 6 and 8 and were entered into our school competition.

The fantastic winning entry (above) was designed by Siena L (5RM) and there were three worthy runners-up: James Clinton 4ER, Richard C (4ER) and Molly J (4RW). Miss Ralfe is sending Siena’s flag to Antarctica where it will be displayed with the entries from all the other schools. We can’t wait to see a photo!

Runners-up in the STG Antarctica Flag competition

This week the Kindergarten Ladybird children have been thinking about the sense of touch. They have carried out science experiments, rescued creatures stuck in ice and enjoyed working together as a team!

There was great excitement this week amongst the children in the Bee class! Whilst learning about the sense of “touch”, they found frozen dinosaur “eggs” outdoors in the wheelbarrow. There were many interesting suggestions as to how they got there! They took the eggs indoors and rubbed them with their warm hands until the dinosaurs were free. The next day we experimented with different heat sources (hairdryer, radiator, hot water) and successfully melted ice. The hairdryer worked the best.

This week 1AG have started their preparations for Christmas. They often start the day catching up on the news reading the kids' newspaper, First News. They've also been making a wonderful kindness display - though the process does look a bit messy!

The Year 2 children have been making winter silhouette paintings using masking tape and sponge printing and learning new stitches in sewing. In Maths they have been working with a partner on regrouping and exchanging and have done some wonderful creative writing based on the Christmas story or Little Robin Red Vest by Jan Fearnley. They had great fun cutting an apple to find the star inside. They then discussed and wrote about their own personal qualities.

3ML have been practising freeze frames when role playing in their drama lesson and were engrossed in their books during quiet reading. In Science they have been exploring the properties of springs as part of their topic on forces. In Maths they have made different quadrilaterals using geo boards as part of their topic on 2-d shapes.

3CH have also been learning about 2D shapes this week. They have been identifying shapes and their properties as well as creating different polygons with the same number of sides. They have produced paintings linked with their class reader book, The Owl who was afraid of the Dark and are currently working on their own new chapter for the book. 3CH have used pastels to produce snowmen pictures, paying particular attention to using shading and toning to create a 3D effect. The Year 3 boys enjoyed a morning of football drills and match play.

For one of their Maths lessons Year 4 children have been looking at and identifying angles around Old Bank House. They estimated the number of degrees in an angle and then used a protractor to measure the angle more accurately. In History they had a virtual tour of Windsor Castle hosted by Sophie Jones, Educational Officer. She told them some interesting facts about Queen Victoria who started the tradition of inviting dignitaries to Windsor Castle for a ‘Dine and Sleep’. She liked the cold weather and also ate very quickly when dinner was served, so everyone had to eat very quickly, otherwise their food would have been taken away! 4RW had a practical lesson in Science, in which they examined various objects to find out whether they were good conductors of electricity or good insulators.

Instead of writing to Downing Street this year to practise their formal letter writing skills (they thought the Prime Minister might be a bit busy!), Year 4 wrote to Antarctic researchers. They were so excited to receive pictures and a reply from a researcher called Emma Pearce, who sent them photos of the time she went down to Antarctica to study a huge glacier.

Games and Activities in the Prep School this Week

New Feature - New Book Recommendations

Each week our Librarian, Ms Pickering, will be suggesting some of the latest 'good reads'. Here are her recommendations for children aged 4 - 5 up for this month:

Dog Gone: Author Rob Biddulph. When Edward Pugglesworth loses his owner, Dave, in the woods, he's sure he's done for - but maybe his dog walk hasn't gone as wrong as he thinks?

Just One of Those Days: Author Jill Murphy. Everyone in the Bear household is having a difficult day - even Baby Bear! Luckily, it's nothing a pair of cosy pyjamas and pizza for tea can't solve.

The Little War Cat: Author Hiba Noor Khan, Illustrator Laura Chamberlain. With stunningly emotive illustrations, this is an accessible and inspiring story for 4-5 year olds showing how hope and kindness can still thrive during times of extreme adversity.

Pirate Stew: Author Neil Gaiman, Illustrator Chris Riddell. A little boy and his sister are surprised to say the least when their babysitter turns out to be a huge, bearded pirate - and he's invited all his friends round for stew! A great book for story time with brilliant illustration by former Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell.

I Really Want to Shout! Author: Simon Philip, Illustrator: Lucia Gaggiotti. A brilliant picture book about anger with clever rhymes, a repeated refrain and rib-ticklingly funny illustrations which are instantly appealing.

What We'll Build: Author: Oliver Jeffers. A girl and her father make plans to build a glorious future together, discussing all the amazing things they will make - from mighty buildings to friendships. A lovely uplifting bedtime tale with poetic text and characterful illustrations.

The Night Sky

There was a lot of cloud on Thursday night, when Mr Foran told us we might see Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon forming a triangle in the night sky. About an hour after sunset, the skies cleared for a while and the Moon and planets were visible. The image on the right will be the view tonight, if the skies are clear.

Wishing the following pupils a very...

Nina J, Henry P, Alex L, Éowyn B and Aidan M.