Tangerine By: Edward Bloor

In Tangerine the book mainly takes place in Tangerine County, Florida. Tangerine is a very strange place so therefore I felt a little awkward because weird things are happening at the same time everyday.
One specific location is Paul's house in Tangerine County. This is were most of the book takes because they are still trying to get used to there new house. But before they were at that house, their family owned a house somewhere Texas.

I think that my novel is in a modern day era. I think it's in a modern day era because it had defibrillators when someone got struck by lightning. After the person got struck by lightning Paul's Dad went to his CAR to call 911 so that means it is at least after the 9/11 attack.

I think that my setting of the book is very green. The weather in my book is very strange because it has a lot of brush fires from the constant lighting that strikes everyday. It also rains kinda often but not enough to stop the fires.
The way that the characters describe Tangerine when they were driving to there house made me think that it was kinda empty. In Tangerine, they had some rich areas, poor areas, and the in between areas. The house that the main protagonists lives in is located in the in between houses.
Some of the things that can time stamp this story is the availability of phones and how fast the ambulance response time is. Another way to time stamp this story is how they treated Mike at the football practice and at the hospital.

I think the books mood is very gloomy, one reason being that the weather is so bad. Also the weather is effecting the relationship between Paul's Mom and Dad. After Mike got struck by lightning Paul's Mom started to be more angry.

The setting affects this book many ways. One way that the setting affects this book is when Mike got struck by lightning. None of this would have happened is they didn't move to Tangerine. The setting affects all the characters thoughts because now they are regretting moving to Tangerine.


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