Video Game Design

Lesson 1

Safety is one of the most important things in any work space. making a space for any worker safe is very important so you don't hurt the work or the property.

Lesson 2

It is necessary for a game designer to be able to communicate effectively in writing because the designer wants the buyer of their game to understand everything with their game. Also they make it easy for the the other people who are helping with the game build it. Lastly the easier it is to communicate the easier it is to work.

Lesson 4

Copyright is the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same. While patent is a government authority or license conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making. They are the same because they both have to deal with licensed things such as music and movies

Lesson 6

The healing brush is for recovering a photos color to one area of a photo its. Its an easy tool to use all you have to do is alt and click. The Wand tool is also easy its a tool used to select large areas of an area easily all you need to do is click.

Lesson 7

The notes that we take is an easy way to remember things we do in video game design. on the left we take notes of things like key words .On the right we explain our lesson and write about the important things in the lesson. In the bottom we make a summary for the notes we took.

Lesson 9

If i was able to have any job for video game design i would be a designer. I would choose designer because the designer makes the characters, stages, and puzzles. Lastly you could use the power of your mind to make anything.

Lesson 10 Video game programmer

Video game programmer: A video game programmer is the most demanding job for video game design. The programmer is the most demanding job because if it wasn't for the programmer the game would not work once so ever. The programmer uses his/her knowledge of coding to make things like movement sound and more happen.

Lesson 11

Video game design does make a good job. In a year a designer for video games make anywhere from $70,000 to $100,000 a year. Also people could just enjoy the job if they are really good with things such as drawing, coding, and designing.

Lesson 12

In this survival horror game you are stuck on Alcatraz island with with zombie clowns wanting your flesh. try to survive the hoards of killer clowns but running hiding and attacking back.try to stay alive and escape Alcatraz

lesson 13

Cod mission

in this mission you have to sneak around a cold and snowy base as there are soldiers waiting all around the base protecting their leader. your job is to go into the base and kill the leader and hope you don't get caught and if you do...good luck

Lesson 15

My favorite character is the demon that is brought back from hell (scorpion). after the death of his clan hanzo hasashi who turned into scorpion wants revenge. he kills anyone who gets till his way until he gets to sub zero and kills him for what he thought was revenge. He learns that sub zero did nothing to his clan and learn that quan chi was the cause of his rage.


I feel that blender will not be hard to use for the projects we have this year. i used blender last year for some of my projects and it was interesting.

lesson 18

making the submarine is not a hard task it just take some time to build. first we need to have a photo of the sub in the background so we can see where we are building. next we make a mesh and soon have it go around the whole sub. lastly we add small detail and animations to the sub

adding the periscope

adding the periscope was an easy process all that was done was i added a mesh cylinder and extruding it up and bending the mesh. After words an animation was added.

Roll A Ball

making the roll a ball game was a interesting project and did not require much to make. first you have to make a playing floor so your ball can roll around. next you have to make the ball and put the script in so the ball has a rigid body and so the the ball can move. also you have to use coding to male the camera follow the ball so you don't lose it.

survival shooter setup

setting up our toy survival shooter game involves setting the floor and the walls for start also putting up some toys on the floor with riged bodies so you don't walk through everything.


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