Endangered species The Giant Panda

The giant panda

Pandas live in Chinese forests. As you can see, Po is a Giant Panda. The reason they live in the forests is for Bamboo. Pandas eat tons of bamboo and have strong teeth to bite through the bamboo. There throats are rough too so the bamboo doesn't splinter their throats.

Pandas are Black and white, bare like, adorable. Pandas have been said to be closely related to bears. That is pretty agreeable because there is a panda in We Bare Bears, a show about three cartoon bears and one of the bears is a panda.

The bears are stacked like pancakes

Pandas are not social (suprised me) , Pandas live there lives mostly alone and they hate being around other Pandas. If a Panda smells another panda then the panda will most likely leave. Pandas only are with other pandas in mating season

There has been a 1864 population and that was a HUGE increase from 2003 with 1300 Pandas

Giant pandas were once hunted by the Chinese people ( poor Po) , who believed their pandas added majestic protection against bad spirits, but hunting now involves harsh penalties in China, so is less of a conservation issue now.

To keep the pandas from going extinct, we need to stop cutting down bamboo trees. Pandas literally only eat bamboo and we are also destroying their environment. Stop logging and Pandas will survive.

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