Commonly Confused Words By: MIchael Frey

Their- The word their is a plural possessive adjective, which describe something that belongs to “them.”

There- There as a noun, meaning “that place.”

They're- Describing two people together "They are."

it's- a contraction for the words "it is", if you cant change it to it is or it has then it is wrong!

its- similar to his and her because they are all possessive adjectives.

who's- contraction of the words "who is", form of a question.

whose- the possessive word of who, used to describe what is someones.

Good- an adjective used to describe a feeling.

Well- an adverb used to describe the performance of something

Affect- a verb used to influence something.

Effect- a noun used to describe something that was influenced.

accept- a verb that means to take or receive something that is offered.

except- a preposition meaning "but" or "leaving out"

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