To Bee or Not to Bee The importance and value of honeybees

Honeybees are useful to us in many ways, and are a vital part of the environment.

Honeybees help to pollinate flowers and crops.

But they are also facing many dangers, and are declining in number!

Farmers spray their crops with pesticides to protect them and improve yield.

However, these pesticides also harm bees, and cause their colonies to collapse!

We need to save the bees!

There are many reasons why honeybees should be protected

Bees are especially important for pollinating early flowering crops like apples

Bee pollinating an apple flower

Apple growers in Washington state would suffer immensely without honeybees to pollinate their orchards

Bees also pollinate forage-crops which we feed to cattle and livestock

Cow vetch, a common forage crop

Bees, thus, also affect our supply of meat and dairy.

Bees contribute to the production of many different useful products by creating honey and beeswax

Honey! Yum!
Beeswax candles
Beeswax in cosmetics
Foot cream made with beeswax

As you can see, bees even contribute to the medicine and cosmetic industry

Clearly, protective measures should be taken to save the bees, because as small as they may be, they have a big impact in all of our lives.

Created By
Warrick C. Syiem


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