To Kill a Mockingbird (Point of View) By Aiden Savoy

First grade has finally come to an end and I have never been more happier. I remember being so excited last summer for school to start. Oh how the times change. Not only am I happy for school to be over, but Dill has just returned. The first game we play is we find an old tire and we all take turns going in it and being rolled around. When it is my turn however, disaster strikes. I wasn't able to stop and I crash into a yard. When I get up, my heart drops as I realize I landed in Boo Radleys yard. I froze. In the background, I hear Scout yelling at me to get up. I trembled to my feet and ran out of there as fast as I could. I was sure I heard laughing, but then again, it could've just been my imagination and I wasn't confident enough to tell Jem and Dill.

Radley Yard

I was at work when Calpurnia called me in a great panic. She exclaimed to me how a mad dog was loose on the street and how it was coming to the house. Like I had a choice, I left work and headed home. When I arrived, Cal was still in quite a fritz. I had sheriff Tate with me as i commanded Jem and Scout to get back inside the house. I glanced down the street to see the sick looking dog meandering its way down the street. As it made its way within range, I kept hearing "deadshot Finch" ringing throughout my head. I kept pleading for sheriff Tate to take the shot but he told me this was a "one-shot job." I make my way to the middle of the road, rifle in hand. I aim down the sights with a million thoughts going through my head. I take a deep breath and without thinking, pull the trigger...

Deadshot Finch

Legs trembling, sweat pouring down my face. I was unbelievably nervous, but I didn't want anybody in the court, especially Tom, to see that I was afraid of what the verdict might be. The evidence was there. Everything proved to support Toms innocence. We were in the state of Alabama however. The white word means more than the black word. Even if the black man is innocent, the white man becomes free. I prayed that would all change today, but deep down I knew the truth. When the verdict was ruled "not guilty", I wasn't surprised, but just shocked and disappointed. All I had worked for to help Toms case had amounted to nothing. As I gathered my things and got up to left the courthouse, I glanced up to see every black person in the courthouse had stayed to pay me respects. I guess it didn't amount to just nothing.

Jem vs. Bob

I was plain upset. my night was ruined. Dressed as a ham for Halloween, I was accused of ruining the pageant. I just wanted to get home. As we were on our way home, Jem kept getting more and more nervous. I called him out for it, not wanting to play his silly games. As he kept telling me however that someone was following us, I looked behind us, figuring it was Cecil Jacobs, and told him to come out. When no one came out, we kept making our way back home, picking up the pace a little bit. All of a sudden, I'm on the ground shaken up. Everything was happening so quickly. As I got my bearings, I see Jem fighting an older man I later realize to be none other than Bob Ewell. Out of nowhere, another man pushes Jem away and starts fighting Bob. The next thing I know, hes carrying Jem back to our place. I got out of my ham costume as fast as I could and ran into Atticus' arms.

I thought this assignment was very different and unique from what we've done in this class so far this year. With that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment. I really enjoyed being in the characters shoes. I feel that is the reason Mr. Crooke had us do this assignment. I believe that putting yourself in the characters shoes is a big part of the book. I really enjoyed the assignment because it gave you a lot of freedom. You are essentially writing what you want in your own words during certain scenes of the book. For example, during the trial, we don't know exactly what Atticus was thinking when Tom was ruled not guilty. I however had the freedom to put myself in Atticus' shoes and write about what i though was going through his head. I was able to do this with every one of my entries and that's why it was such an enjoyable assignment.

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