US 5-Pointers Five Points Are On A Star!

The Forest Canopy Glass-House!
Interior Design
Landscape Design

Joshua Croushorn Graduated from Nowhere University in 3056. He Is the General Contractor. He Plays Minecraft so "CREEPER AW MAN!"

Joshua Croushorn

Achievement Get: It's Monumental! (Built A Monument To Maximilian Voelker)

Achievement Get: Aquire Hardware (Built A Building Out Of Steel)

Achievement Get: Diamonds To You! (Bought Land With Diamonds)

Achievement Get: Overpowered (Ate A Golden Apple)

Owen DiCarlo graduated from Florida State University in 1492. He designed the Large Luxury Asteroid Bunker, and designed the USS Missouri. He is the Chief Architect for the U.S. Five-Pointers.

Picture of Owen DiCarlo

Achievement Get: Playing With Sticks (Made a wooden sword)

Achievement Get: Chief Architect (Built 5 Houses)

Achievement Get: It Sails! (designed the USS Missouri)

I love SHIPS!!!!!!!

Achievement Get: DIAMONDS! (Mined A Diamond)

Achievement Get: Goodbye Aliens! (designed a large luxury asteroid bunker)

Achievement Get: Masters Degree (Graduated from FSU in 1492)

Achievement Get: Follow the Leader (Chief Architect of the U.S. Five Pointers)

Florida State University

Roman McBuster. I did something... I graduated from Kachow University in 6753. I have 69,420,274,930,827,374 Medals.

Shown below is an actual photograph of Roman McBuster

oof it got content deleted... That is fine

Achievement Get: Making Money (You got a job)

Achievement Get: Making The Landscape (You are a designer)

Achievement Get: Business Boy (You have a successful business)

My First Medal... The Medal o f Yes

Abigail Kondoudis graduated from Jessica Mills College of Architecture. She has previously worked with other architecture firms, such as the Unreal Underdogs. Abigail loves creating things.

Achievement : Ringling medal of architecture and design

Achievement : Patented over 1,000 architectural designs

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This is The REAL Cookie monster.

Owen DiCarlo: Chief Architect

Roman Kennedy: Landscape Designer

Abigail Kondoudis: Interior Designer

Joshua Croushorn: General Contractor


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