Shade-D-Answers our SPECTACLES will make your grades SPECTACULAR

Product Details

These glasses are oval-shaped and come in a variety of colors; they also only cost $20.99! You can find them on amazon or on website: Shade-D-Answers.

What It Does

Have you ever felt like you weren't prepared for a test, and you knew you were going to fail? if you have, then this is the product for you! With these glasses you'll never fail a test again! All you have to do is put the spectacles until you see the answers to the test. The answers wont disappear until you take them off.

Mission Statement

  • We strive to help all students get better grades and be stress free. With this product you'll be able to succeed later in your future. We also always donate some of our profit to This charity helps children who can't get an education.

Target Audience

This product is specifically for school aged children; varying from junior high to college.

Contact Info

You can contact us at 1-800-SHADY and our website

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