Christmas Coffeehouse went viral The story behind the trending hashtag

Christmas Coffeehouse was an instant social media classic. Many of the students in attendance took to Twitter and snapchat to record the events of the night. All of the activity even started a trending hashtag on twitter.

Most of the performers used stage names and did not give any indication as to who they were, and most students in attendance were left in the dark. This started a frenzy of students tweeting about groups without being able to tag them in the post.

One performer, Wesley Montgomery, had more than a few tweets about his performance. Most referred to him as “the right hand sugar cookie.”

Many of the female population were asking for his name and were openly admitting to having a slight celebrity crush on him. In one night he became one of the most eligible bachelors on campus.

Tweets like “Sugar cookie on the right can be my Santa baby anytime” and “I always knew I loved sugar cookies the most” lit up twitter. Not only did he succeed in the public realm he also made an appearance on the LUCrushes Facebook page.

Wesley wasn’t the only one to benefit from Christmas Coffeehouse. Dr. Wheeler also was a subject of many tweets and laughs. He agreed to perform in a dance video.

In the video, he claims to be unable to dance and that it is his Christmas wish that he could learn. Some students band together to help him. It culminates in one full dance while Wheeler is wearing a Santa hat.

The Vegan Llama made their debut last year at Christmas Coffee house and returned this year again. They were another one of the bands than were toted highly on social media.

Social media was the backbone of this event. Without it the excitement of the event would likely have been little more than a special convocation. (Word Count 312)

The following is the script for the Broadcast section of the final project

Liberty University Hosted Christmas Coffeehouse inside the Vines Center on December 3// This event was put on by Student Activities and was designed to bring the students into the Christmas spirit before the end of the semester// The whole show was student lead and had a variety of musical performances// The event was so large that it sold out before the show even started/ It also started a trending hashtag on twitter// Christmas Coffeehouse is an annual show with acts that return each year as well as new ones that spring up

This is the link to the video


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