How to make Ramen Noodles BY : Montze smith

First you have to choose which ramen you want to make, first choice below.

Second choice would be ramen in a cup, I'd prefer the first one but that's just me.

In the first choice you have many flavors of ramen, the best two of my opinion would be the beef and chicken flavor.

Next is the way you want to cook it, you could either boil it.

You could also microwave it too, either way is fine but boiling it probably takes more time to make.

After it has been heated up, you then put the flavor of seasoning you chose on it.

After you put the seasoning in, you then stir it up so its all around in the ramen.

After you stir the seasoning in it, the water should change color depending on the flavor you chose. In this picture the person chose beef.

Finally, you could add stuff to it or just eat as it is. Thanks for watching!

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