Steele Creek Soccer Club (SCSC) is a subsidiary of the Steele Creek Athletic Association (SCAA) which offers all levels of competition for players from 3 to 19 years of age. Steele Creek Soccer Club promotes an active, healthy lifestyle while teaching love for the beautiful game. of soccer. We focus on player development at all levels to ensure the highest level of growth both in skill and game aptitude. Our core values provide our players the best opportunity to succeed at the next level whether that is high school, college, professional soccer, and/or life outside of competitive sports.


At Steele Creek Soccer Club the commitment to be successful is uncompromising. The core values we strive to teach and instill are:

  • Excellence - We will promote skill development and team play toward the goal of performing at the highest level possible and instilling a lifelong love for the sport of soccer. With this includes ensuring we have the best possible coaches and it will be our duty to continue to educate them as well as our youth.
  • TEAMwork - “Together Everyone Achieves More.” Teammates are your family on the field and in the locker room, but they also need encouragement and support off the field. Putting the success of the team before any individual achievement.
  • Integrity - Know and do what is right, even in difficult situations. We instill an atmosphere of “doing the right thing even when nobody is watching” because doing this can teach patience, honesty, responsibility, dependability, accountability, and caring.
  • Respect - Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be considerate of others’ feelings and rights. Show kindness and encouragement for those around you. Accept others for who they are. Be thankful and listen to those who are offering instruction and guidance.
  • Sportsmanship - Show proper respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, and spectators. There is grace in not only winning, but also losing. There is zero tolerance for negative behavior and engaging in conflict. We rise above this behavior and choose to be a positive reflection of our team and community.
  • Community - Bringing awareness to these communities of the growth Steele Creek Soccer Club is experiencing is beneficial for our program and those looking to potentially start and build their own soccer program. We can lead by example. Encourage our community to get excited with us and be a part of this new era at SCSC.
  • Competitiveness - We will teach our youth persistence, hard work and a positive attitude on and off the field. It is our responsibility to ensure that our competitiveness does not ever stand in the way of our other Core Values and to teach our youth how to be competitive and still reflect sportsmanship, teamwork, respect and integrity; all while not forgetting to have fun.


  • To maximize the positive influence we have as a youth sports organization on the local, regional and national soccer community
  • To provide competitive opportunities for kids from all cultural and economic backgrounds through the “beautiful game”
  • To be nationally recognized for player development and competitive success
  • To instill healthy, positive and lasting core values in our players in order to better prepare them to compete successfully in a competitive world
  • To provide a variety of programs for all ages and abilities in a safe and fun environment

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