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  • Libya is located in Africa and the hemisphere it's in are the Northern and Eastern.
  • Bordering countries of Libya are Egypt,Chad,Niger,Sudan,Algeria,& Tunisia
  • The capital city is Tripoli & the coordinates are 32.8872 D N, 13.1913 D E
capital of libya

PhySical features

Libya's temperature zone is subtropic.Libya is in the tropic of cancer.

The Sahara Desert is the hottest desert in the world. It is the 3rd biggest desert in the world.

The Gulf of Sidra is a major spot for tuna fishing, It is also full of salt flats.


The population is 6.278 so it's medium and the world rank is 108.Libya's population density is 3.6 people per square km so its not crowded.Libyas growth rate is -10.2% every year so more people are leaving Libya bc. the growth rate is negative. The fertility rate is 2.47.Tripoli,Benghazi,Khoms,Al-bayda,& tarhuna are the 5 largest cities . Libya is rural. The net migration rate is 33.32.


Libya is developed.the GPD per capita is $11,300.Thats not a lot money but the life expectancy is 76.04 years almost the US life expectancy. The literacy rate is 89.5%.


In Libya the main languages spoken are Italian English and the official language is Arabic .The main religions practiced are Hinduism ,Buddhist ,Christian ,and Muslim.

Rishda is a traditional Libyan food made out of pasta,chick peas,tomato & onion. Football (soccer) is the number 1 sport in Libya. Cyrene Ancient Greek city is the oldest & most important Greek city in Libya.

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