The Battle of Bunker Hill A British Victory

The battle of bunker hill

The story

On June 17, 1775 British Soldiers led by William Howe took position at the bottom of Breeds Hill. They went up the hill, but little did they know that General Israel Putnam was waiting for the British to get 150 feet away then attack.

The Amount of casualties

The British won because the Americans had ran out of supplies. Even though the British won 226 men were killed and 828 men were injured on the British side. On the American side 115 men were killed, 305 men were injured, and 30 were captured.

The leaders

The American leaders are Israel Putnam, William Prescott, John Stark, and Dr. Joseph Warren. The British leaders are Sir William Howe, Sir Robert Pigot, James Abercrombie, John Pitcairn, Henry Clinton, Samuel Graves, and Thomas Gage

The Battle Of Bunker Hill was one of The first Major Battles In the fight for Independence


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