Amanda Maher CAS Highlights

She has been at EMU for 6 years, she just finished her PhD in Educational Studies in December 2019 and has been hired as a new Assistant Professor in the Department of History this summer! She does research on place based education teaching methods and place based teacher development in Teacher Education, and she is looking into conceptualization of citizenship and how teachers conceive of what it means to be a citizen and how that’s embedded in our instruction. She is most proud of a published article that was co-authored with another professor and 3 secondary teacher education candidates from the College of Arts and Sciences, and talks about re-writing Teacher Education. While teaching 4 classes on the Winter Semester, she found that being flexible and keeping an open-mind were keys that helped her and her students navigate the semester. Dr. Maher accommodated all of her students needs and used technology as a tool to stay close together. For her summer classes she has incorporated a lot of ways to engage students with their own communities. “I love working with students! That interest in education, that empowers not only university students, but then filters down into empowering youth in our schools and communities, is me in a nutshell” she explained. Thank you Dr. Maher for your dedication and we wish you the best in this new adventure! #TRUEMU #EMUCAS