Self-ish a journey of self portraiture

The Blue Fairy

About a year ago I decided to start experimenting with apps. I'd recently gotten my first iPad and was excited to see how much fun I could have altering photographs without the constraints associated with having a digital studio, keeping up with bags of camera equipment and learning software techniques.

I'm not a technical person; even the idea of learning how different apps worked was a bit intimidating at first. But the freedom of being able to carry my 'studio' around with me and create spontaneously won out.

Like a kid in a candy store

In my quest to learn I've acquired quite a collection of apps. It's easy to do! There are so many now and most are really inexpensive.

I have come to realize though that, like anything and everything else, I tend to gravitate towards my favorites.

My standard workflow uses a select few which I tend to use over and over. Some of my favorite apps, at the moment, are: iColorama, Procreate, PaintFX, Pixelmator, DistressedFX, and most recently, Photoshop Mix.


Self Portraiture is freedom to be someone else completely.

Bathroom lighting is great

My favorite thing to do is to take a selfie with my iPhone and then distort it so that it borders on the fictional - like a character in a book or in a dream. My favorite app for distortion is iColorama.


When you are the model it frees you up for experimentation.

A) There's no one else around to question your choice of poses, B) You can take as many shots as needed without fear of looking ridiculous (or OCD), and C) No model releases to sign!

Head in the Clouds

The great thing about self-portraits is that you can take one selfie and create several different effects based on which app you choose to work with. It's really amazing what apps can do! You're only limited by your imagination.

I have noticed that I now make very few 'new' images. And by that I mean - in camera - new images. However; my camera roll is growing by leaps and bounds.

How is that possible?? Because every new step in the process of creating can be saved and used as the base (or middle, or end) for another new creation. I call it layer stacking.

She had Stars in her Eyes and Flowers in her Hair

I think the part I like best about creating self-portraits (as well as creating abstracts) is the element of surprise. I never really know what I'm going to get until I get it. I experiment a lot; it's basically blending things together until i find a pleasing composition. But it's also more than that - it's about telling a story.

I know I'm onto something when the resulting composite causes my heart to flutter. When I have an emotional response to it and feel as though I am suddenly a part of something else - that's when I know it's a keeper!

Light Blue Summer
My Colorful Imagination

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