Being 15 in Germany By:Jack Colfer-Comp 9-6th Hour

Capital: Berlin

Population: 80,722,792

Ethnic Groups: German 91.5, Turkish 2.4%, other 6.1%

Religion:Protestant 34%, Roman Catholic 34%, Muslim 3.7%, unaffiliated or other 28.3%

Being 15 in Germany is hard to change yet fun, because of the difficulty in the school system and the opportunities to travel to become more diverse.
In my research I found that Germany and the US are very similar with their education system and their culture.

I had often heard a lot about Germany but it wasn't nearly as much as there actually is. The children have lots of opportunities and are just as privileged as Americans.

1) Germany-$80.8 billion

2) United States-$73.1 billion

3) United Kingdom-$48.5 billion

4) China-$43.7 billion

5) France-$38.9 billion

The culture in Germany is very similar with the US.

The activities and culture is very much the same as we have here. They play sports, listen to music, and do just anything an average teenager does.

They have many sports in Germany but the most popular one is Soccer.

(“What Are the Hobbies of the People of Germany?” Reference, Reference,“German Culture — Rich And Illustrious.” MyGermanCitycom RSS,

Germany and the US have many of the same activities and opportunities

Germany’s education is divided into 3 sections, Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium. Gymnasium is the smartest level and Hauptschule is the lowest.

The Germans have produced some of the world's smartest scientists and scholars. Part of this could be because the school system and how selective it is.

Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Wernher Von Braun

Germans are a 1st world country and their educations system could be a big part in it.

Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world. Their education system is very productive and their culture is very much like the US’s.I can recognize emotion because in America we have a school system which we are separated by math level. I also can also make a connection because both countries are 1st world and very lucky to have good opportunities.

These are 3 of Germany's most Iconic places. First it is the Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, than the Munich Christmas Market, and lastly the Black Forest
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