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The art of the pivot -Dana Brandel Branding
It's not about how hard you can hit, It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

In sales, it is feast or famine based on how we handle objections.

The close is all about taking the objection that the client throws at you and turning it around into a reason to buy. Most sales training will teach you how to use objection handling to close the sale, what I want to highlight on is using objection handling to get the appointment.

Customers are objecting the second they answer.

Once in a blue moon you will get one of those calls where the clients have the credit card in their hand and have been waiting for you. 99% of the time when the DM answers the phone they have a million things going on - from rent to payroll - and you are the last person they want to hear from. The fact that you are probably the 8th sales call this morning does not help. Everything the DM is throwing at you is a solid smoke screen to get you off the phone and let them move on with their day. Now is the time to roll with the punches and lead in with a heavy hook of value.

Sell the appointment not the product.

Every cold call they have gotten today will have someone on the other end that is coming in hot with a new product they need to buy and every objection the DM has been accustomed to throwing out in defense is built around this pitch. Change the approach by using all the value statements you have to not sell Yelp but sell the appointment.

The Pivot


Pivot, Pivot, Pivot, Punch and K.O

Pivot One: Compliment

Pivot Two: Value Question

Pivot Three: Create a new problem Having to do with their objection

Punch: Follow up with a big right hook of value

K.O: No choice but to set an appointment

Bring value and use pain questions to pivot your self into a position to close with value statements
Below is a list of objection and the language to pivot into an urgent appointment. I'll start with the most difficult.

1) I cant handle or take on more business:

Bob that is great! I have talked to most of your competition in the area and none of them are experiencing the level of success you are. Quick question before I let you go Bob. I know you are staying extremely busy but are you staying busy with the most profitable clients possible? I only ask because I am seeing that there is a ton of traffic in your area but most of the traffic is finding you when looking for an oil change. I know the profit margin on these jobs is very small compared to lets say someone coming in and spending thousands on a transmission repair. Lets take 10 minutes today and I’ll show you how you can use your current website to target more people looking to get work done on their transmissions and keep you busy making Dollars, not cents. Does that make sense?

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