Plate Boundaries Adam thompson

Divergent Boundaries

Divergent Boundaries are when two plates are being pulled from opposite sides

This Boundaries stress in Tension because it is being pulled from two sides

Divergent Boundaries form Volcanos, and also cause earthquakes

A good real world example is the Mid-Atlantic-Ridge because it goes right through a Country called Iceland Which has volcanos that are erupting all the time on big one being Eyjafjallajökull which killed 5,466 people and shut down air travel for about a week. This happened on march 20, 2010

Convergent Boundaries

Convergent Boundaries a when two plates are colliding with each other.

This boundaries stress is compression, because the plates are being pushed together.

Convergent Boundaries create Mountains, Volcanos, and trenches

A real world example is the Cascadia Subduction zone where the North American plate and the Pacific plate collide creating Volcanos like Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens both being in Washington, both have erupted in the last 150 years. Mount St. Helens killed 57 people in 1980, and then erupting again in 2008, not doing any harm.

Transform Boundaries

Transform Boundaries are when two plates are move next to each other both going in different directions.

This Boundaries stress is Shear stress because the plates are being pulled in two different directions right next to each other.

Transform Boundaries create Cracks in the land and cause earthquakes

The San Andreas Fault Line is a good real world example because thats one of the best transform boundaries in the world. But in 1906 one of the worst earthquakes in the Untied states hit San Fransisco because of the two plates grinding against each other, killing about 3,000 people


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