Being 15 In Israel Jack Thompson, 2nd Hour

Israel is located right in the center of the middle east. It is smaller than the size of colorado and is surrounded by many countries that pose many terrorist threats. Most of the population inhibits the Jewish religion.

Being 15 in Israel is limited yet full of opportunity, because of religion and good schooling

Challenges might be that there is a lot of pressure being put on the teens, of israel to be apart of a certain religion

Students go to special schools called the yeshivot and study the torah.They then go on to join the army (Teens in Israel)

The Yeshivot

I think that it is not fair for the teens of Israel that they have to be so limited to a certain religion and they really have very little say in what they want to believe in and how they would like to practice their beliefs.

Some cool parts of being 15 in Israel might be that they are given great opportunities for a bright future.

“Schooling starts at age 5 and by law children must stay in school until they are 15." (Teens in Israel)

I am extremely empathetic for the Israeli community because I think that the fact that all kids get the opportunity to learn is one of the most important steps to having the opportunity for a successful future

In conclusion, the U.S and Israel are very similar in the manner that we both have a stable and an exceptional education system. Although, we are extremely lucky to have religion freedoms, whereas, in Israel, you are expected to practice a certain religion.

Through this process, by making a connection, I learned that my life is fairly similar to those in Israel.

I can connect to the teens of Israel because they take similar classes like english and math, which give them an opportunity for a good future.

We are similar because we both go to school and take classes that set us up for a bright and promising future.

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