A Day at the FLMNH Jared Holley

Nature on Display: Poison Dart Frogs

I absolutely fell in love with the Frog exhibit currently on display at the museum. I was fully immersed in their world and had the privilege of seeing varying types of species of frog and even taking part in interactive activities with them. The exhibit caught my attention because it was one of the seasonal exhibits and had advertisements all through out the building. I have seen frogs in nature before, but these images seemed particularity exotic and therefore piqued my interest. Through the exhibit I learned about the various interactions frogs have with nature and how some species are actually endangered and in need of widespread conversation efforts. Being up close and personal with actual living frogs allowed me to appreciate them much more than if I had simply seen them through images or dioramas. The museum was all around enjoyable because it offered a solid balance between living creatures and mock ups. This coupled with the numerous interactive exhibits made the experience all the better for me.

Nature and Ethics - Saving the Wetlands

The museum offered numerous options for one to be able to see the point of Leopolds thinking. It had many striking exhibits on display that demonstrated nature on the macro and micro scale. One that stuck out to me was an interactive log exhibit that one could open and pry apart to see the plethora of organisms that called a simple log their home. I had been to the museum before so I had some expectations going in, but as I walked through many of my senses were renewed as I stared at the mysteries of nature and began to appreciate the magnitude of some of the exhibits. Many people walking around the museum seemed to be on the same page as me in regards to their reactions. It was a sense of amazement and wonder as much of the exhibits were art in their own right. The particular image I have chosen to share displays the Florida wetlands. I made a special connection with this exhibit as much of my home town was made up of wetlands so I had a somewhat personal connection with it. The info board portrayed the danger that comes from our constant over extortion of wetlands and how it might damage the entire Florida ecosystem is the extortion continued. This placed a bit of responsibility in me to try and research ways in which I can make sure my home environments can be preserved so that others can appreciate them the way I did.

Nature and the Human Spirit - Butterfly Rain forest

Obviously, many that go into the museum go with the intention of experiencing the majesty of the butterfly rain forest that can be see from all around. This exhibit was amazing. It allowed me to experience something completely new and immersive compared to all other museums I had been to. Never have I just sat looking around in one spot of a museum for a solid hour, but in that area I could sit for hours on end just watching the butterfly's flutter around me. I appreciated the peace and quite as it was a nice break from the constant hustle and bustle I experience. It really instilled a sense of appreciation for the beauty and fragility of nature as each butterfly alone was brittle, but together they made their own tapestry of color and vibrancy. I will definitely be making another return to this exhibit as its beauty and ability to convey the importance of natural history is unmatched.

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