The Truth Written By: Ross Gay Annotated by: Dylan Townsend

The Truth

Because he was 38, because this

was his second job, because

he had two daughters, because his hands

looked like my father's, because at 7

he would walk to the furniture warehouse,

unload trucks 'til 3 AM, because I

was fourteen and training him, because he made

$3.75 an hour, because he had a wife

to look in the face, because

he acted like he respected me,

because he was sick and would not call out

I didn't blink when the water

dropped from his nose

into the onion's perfectly circular

mouth on the Whopper Jr.

I coached him through preparing

I did not blink.

Tell me this didn't happen.

I dare you.


The truth is something that everyone wants to hear and that is very important to some people.


The dude was 38. It was his second job. He had 2 daughters. His hands looked like the hands of the narrator's father. Because he would work at a furniture warehouse from 7 till 3. The narrator was fourteen and training the 38 year old. The dude made $3.75 cents an hour. The dude had a wife. The dude acted like he respected him. The dude was sick and would not tell. He watched the water drop from his nose onto the onions circular middle on the burger. The teen coached him through preparing. The teen watched closely. Don't believe that it didn't happen.


"because his hands

looked like my father's"

It shows imagery of his father and the mood is angry because he is having to train him and he does not like the dude and now he feels like he is working with his father.

"I didn't blink when the water

dropped from his nose"

It shows the imagery of him not blinking when the water was dropping from his nose and on to the onion. And this is creating a serious mood cause he doe snot like what happened.

"onion's perfectly circular


It is saying that the onion has a mouth.

"he would walk to the furniture warehouse,

unload trucks 'til 3 AM, because"

It shows imagery of him walking to the warehouse at night.


Tone- The tone is angry, dark, and hateful. He keeps describing the person and everything wrong with the person and why he does not like him.


There is a shift right here he goes from describing him to talking about what he is doing and he does this to not have the whole poem describing him.


Now that I have read and analyzed this poem. I now think that the title is about how someone could not be telling the truth. And there could be certain reasons for that and one reason could be they did something to some one they don't like.


The theme of the poem is you must tell the truth and if you're lying to keep yourself out of trouble. Because you did something you should not have done it in the first place. My evidence is that the poem is called the truth and he is daring someone to tell him it didn't happen almost like he did something and is lying about it. The theme plays out in everyday life because telling the truth has a big impact in everyday life by the truth can.


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