HARD TO SWALLOW confronting eating disorders

Twelve M-A students discussed their experiences with eating disorders. Here are some of the quotes they shared.

"It is a never-ending cycle of self hate."

"I hated my body. I was bullied when I was little, and I guess it traumatized me."

"A general hatred of my body really caused it."

"It was lonely sometimes because my thoughts about food were so obsessive and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it."

"I didn’t want to worry anyone, so I rarely talked about it."

"Honestly, I always knew deep down that it wasn’t actually normal. I just tried to convince myself it was."

"There were foods I deemed 'bad' which I avoided at all costs."

"Restricting what you eat often feels like a form of control, but eventually it will start consuming you."

"Even on the car ride to the hospital, I was still in denial about my condition. I thought I was just being healthy."

"I was a couple days away from dying."

"It’s hard to see someone I love hurt themselves."

"You may feel like there are millions of things wrong with you, but it’s only in your head."

"It is not 'cool' and don’t let anyone tell you it is."

"Get help. And, while it sounds very harsh, what you are doing is not ok. It is not fair to yourself to do this."

"It’s not forever. Eventually if you work hard enough towards keeping a positive mindset and healthy habits, things will get easier. You will see yourself and your self-worth in a whole other light."

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