MMMA Madison, marshall, maryangel, and austin

Motto: Always do what your afraid to do.

This is our map of our utopia

This is our currency. Bills and coins.

Now this is our constitution.

This is our flag that we made.

The big houses are for the family's of 4-5 and the small houses are for families 1-3

We are located in Devonport Caravan, Tasmania.

Our main water source is the ocean we have a filter that will clean the water being pumped from the ocean. We only use water only when we need it. We also fish in the ocean and eat fish & eat animals caught in our traps. The only animals we don't eat is rodents and pets.

Kids at age of 11 gets a hoverboard and rides it wherever they go. Ages 21 get a car & age 70 you go to a senior citizens home.

Summer lasts from December to February when the average maximum sea temperature is 70 °F. On land, maximum temperatures average 68 °F to 75 °F along the coast and in the lowlands.

The jobs will be based on your test after you graduate. The test will show what things you like and you will have one job to pick from all questions. There will be 8 jobs. Construction worker, business men, blacksmith, teachers, guards, baker, lawyer, and hunters.


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