Welcome to the amazing world of Various Quirks! This Boku no Hīrō Akademia fan 'zine explores the universe through the lens of medieval fantasy; casting the characters into a world of knights and magic. It's a zine for fans, by fans!

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Fully Artomatic is proud to present SUPLEXED!, our no holds barred pro-wrestling fanzine. From cover to cover, bell to bell, we're going to bring you all the ups and downs of good ol' fashion professional wrasslin. We're going everywhere, brother! From the heyday of the NWA to the gritty bingo halls of ECW. From the hard hitting strong style to the beautiful acrobats of the junior heavyweights. We've booked an amazing card for you to enjoy, so sit back, buy a shirt, and enjoy the show!

Submissions are OPEN!

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We are Fully Artomatic! Two working artists that started a lifelong career in the nerdy convention scene many moons ago. We’ve worn many hats in the con scene; from artist alley to staff to sponsors. We’ve sold at a con of 400 people to a mega show of 55,000 fans. We recently focused on a pop up art supply store, riding along the same con circuit in Texas and OK. Using our combined art and English degrees, we aim to help educate whomever we run into.