It All Began in a Garden U of L Coutts Centre for Western Heritage, Nanton AB

The garden and grounds at this property are a real treat, given our location. We don't expect to find something of this quality away from large centres but thanks to Jim Coutts' generosity in gifting his family farm and the gardens he had created, to the University of Alberta for the establishment of the Centre for Western Heritage, we have a wonderful destination for a garden visit and it's only 20ish minutes away.

I began visiting these gardens 4 years ago and since then have made numerous visits. As a result I have lots of images to share. Rather than make this presentation overly long I have decided to create posts for each of the months of June, July and August. Welcome to the garden in the month of June.

Well worth a visit to the garden just to enjoy the lupines
The buildings on the property are nice to visit too.
This old barn has been rebuilt to accommodate a kitchen which enables food service functions for the property - glad I got these shots before the rebuild.
So much character in these old boards.
View of the family home and the large poppy garden
June brings the beginning to the profusion of poppies at Coutts
June also is a fine time for pansies

I've just got to get my two cents worth in about pansies... Why is it that to be called a pansy is considered an insult when these wonderful little flowers are among the first up to share their happy faces in the Spring and tough it out through early frosts to continue bringing us joy. In my mind being called a pansy should be a compliment and if anyone calls me one I will simply say "Why thank you!"

If you wish a larger view of any image in a grid such as this, just click on an image and you will see it expanded.
June also brings the first of the peonies
The trees and flower shrubs are not to be passed by
The Elm Allee has become a popular spot for brides to walk with their fathers and if they wait until late July or early August when the asters are in full bloom it is particularly striking.
Often times the pleasure is in the details of a single tulip or columbine blossom, the way a pair of garlic twine together or even in a rusty garden gate.

You can find beauty everywhere in a garden.