Lifetime Project Jay moreno

Western Expansion

Im getting older and older, i just turned 14 Me and my family are farmers, We're hoping to move west to go get a farm in Wisconsin, Its this new act that has my family all excited , its called the homestead act.

Gilded Age

I, Mark Williams, Am a writer and i am very well known some compare me to Upton Sinclair and i fight and strive for equality. The equal pay act are what keep me going.


Im from Hawaii and my homeland became part of the U.S. because they think Hawaii can be a valuable resource to the US military and Queen Liliuokalani tried to restore our monarchy. Us becoming part of the us also led to the Spanish war.

World War 1

My name is Sean Biggs and im just got drafted to the war, Everyday is chaos , i always have the thought of losing my life one day but with all this new technology we use im sure we have the upper hand. We have tanks, Poison Gas, and tracer bullets. i fought my tail off to end the war and eventually it did. i did support the 14 points because im all for peace.

1920s America

I am a jazz performer buy the name of Charles Jonson, i would say Louis Armstrong has the biggest influence on me. i bought a new sax and i payed for it with my money i make from the jazz shows. i didn't believe in any of those stocks.

The Great Depression

Im a farmer and the stock market crash has affected me because people that buy my goods dont have money to buy them any more. So my family and i lived off of my crops.


Created with images by BLMIdaho - "Early Cadastral Surveyors in Idaho, 1924, chaining north of Atlanta (1)" • mypubliclands - "#TravelTuesday with My Public Lands" • cdrummbks - "gilded age"

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