Tottori - 鳥取県 Wonderful Japan

Tottori is a really under rated prefecture for tourists in Japan. Most people just think about the sand dunes, but there is really so much more to explore. I wont miss a second of my stay and all the memories I collected will stay on my mind for ever.

For sure, if you do not have your own transpiration a visit of Tottori is a challenge. Basically it's possibly to access all places but it's a bit time consuming. My stay was based on public transportation and so I spent some time on the train or Taxi. In some cases I just had to walk to reach the place of interest. But to slow down my travel was and is always a wonderful experience and a good way to leave the rush we basically living in.

Even I spent a week in Tottori I couldn't cover all highlights so I'm just able to give a briefly idea of some the attractions this wonderful prefecture.


The Tottori Sand Dunes

For most people a visit of the Tottori Sand Dunes is just a day trip, but from my point of view to have more time is really a good idea. I I spent nearly two days next to the dunes and it was a great experience.

This approximately 5,5 m² area offers the visitor some amount of activity, but the best is just to enjoy the nature and the environment.

Sakaiminato - GeGeGe no Kitaro

At the opposite side of the prefecture the visitor of Tottori finds a other treasure. It's a wonderful open air exhibition of the famous Manga Series "GeGeGe no Kitarō". It's a exhibition as a honour of Shigeru Mizuki, who's borne in Sakaiminato and who's the creator of this Manga series.

The Steepest Bridge Of Japan

Is the Eshima Ohashi bridge a must see at a stay in Tottori - maybe not. But for me it was so exciting to visit the most steep bridge of Japan and to cross it by walk. So I got the real experience how steep this bridge really is.

I had the idea to get some nice view of Mt Daisen (The Mt. Fuji of the West - Named by it's shape which is like Fuji San) a other great highlight of Tottori, but at this stay I couldn't get any nice view of it.

The Wild Coast Line of Uradome

Let's go back to the side of Tottori where are the Sand Dunes are located. Just in a view kilometre distance the visitor can find one of the greatest and wildest coast line of the prefecture. The wonderful blue and clear water covers this rough coast in a wonderful way.

Tottori a place for wonderful meals

Tottori isn't just a great spot for lot's of nice sights, it's a great place for enjoying sea food and other food. Unfortunately lot's are season based and so some you can enjoy and other not. I missed lot's of exciting offers, just because I was in Tottori at the wrong season (e.g. squid, ouster, shrimp and pear)

The best Unagi (eal) meal I ever had
Ice Cream and Burger are coloured with squid
My breakfast and Launce at my 3 day stay at the Uradome Coast
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