Fig tree & recruiting #3 april Week 2

Hey Trek team. This week, how do you deal with people's "Nazareth" excuse (s) to not serve ("Is there something good that can come from Nazareth?") by giving them a fig tree answer ("I saw you under the tree!")!

We want every team member to serve on Easter.

Our easter teams should look good now...or be close to it. Let's get rolling.

  • The kids miss you when you're not there
  • We're counting on you for our Easter services

Easter is our time of battle

Your people willingly follow you when you go into battle. ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭110:3‬ ‭NET‬‬

Let's all go to the fight of winning people over to the cause of Becoming Fully Alive!

Let us push together, pull together, laugh together, win battles together and enjoy the blessings together


We all exercise faith on some level in our lives. We can reach greater heights in our faith when we make God’s word, God’s name, and God’s power the objects of our faith.

Go answer ponder these things, for your own growth
  • April 5th - It is my birthday :)
  • April 9th and 23rd - VO @ 8:30 & 4pm SHOW UP!!!!! I want everyone to show up and talk to some new recruits
  • April 23rd - Baptism
  • Good Friday prayer night: 7-8:30 PM. Let us get ready together.

Richard Ramos, with Christina by his side, is now the First Time Families (FTF) coach.

They are still leading Echeck also with a great team of leaders. The echeck team and FTF one will be our WELCOME team. Their servant's hearts and attitude will keep on welcoming our team of volunteers, parents, kids and new families.

Our First time families will be going through a few normal changes. Keep them in prayer as they transition to new grounds.

Easter is coming.

It will be great. Tons of people have been becoming fully alive and committing their lives to Christ. This is a time for us to be a blessing and be blessed at the same time! We will also have a carnival feel to the services. It will be great.

  • Saturday 6PM
  • Sunday 8, 9:30, 11:30 AM. 1:30, 3:00 and 5PM.

Let's get rolling!

  1. I've heard many of you tell your team leader which 2 services you were helping put in....GOOD JOB!!!!!
  2. I know every one gives on a regular basis, but Easter is not business as usual. So we don't invest like our usual selves
  • Courtnie Wolfe (Quest) just got married with John last Saturday. Pray for them as they venture in new ways of doing life.
  • Jennifer Morse's father, our VO and connection coach, has undergone hip surgery and need to recover and gain strength.
  • Pray for Mildred Sherman has she faces a few health issues that need to be treated.
  • Nan Stewart had her house under contract but it fell through. Pray another buyer comes by quick.

Specifics in Kidspoint and Trek

We need to sign in the "roster" document. Just write your name down and check how many services you've ministered in. Simple. Efficient.

This document NEEDS to be signed


Every week, we have some material that goes to garbage at the end of service.

Let's do this together. Our 8 AM team sets everything up. Our 5 PM team "tears down". Throw away these

  • empty or empty water bottles
  • every piece of paper that is not reusable (lesson scripts, small/large groups script, extra craft stuff, etc)
  • Extra weekly handouts

Every week, we have some material NEEDS to come back to me at the end of service

This page is in your folder in EACH environment. Here's what to do with it.

  • Look for the noted material
  • Bring it back to the Production area in the Quest theaters.
  • There, you will find a small plastic bin where it is noted "Recyclable"
  • Put it in there.
  • Check the list :)
  • And thanks for doing this.
  • Make sure you keep one copy of each document at the 8AM service in case we need need to make copies later during the day.
  • Lately, we have been missing stuff for the 5pm service, which is not normal. We print enough material for everyone, every week. You will get your stuff for small group specifically assigned to you, for your service.
  • Lindsey has worked wonderfully on this last week. The 5 PM team had all the material they needed. Thanks guys.
  • Give new families and kids a special welcome.
  • When the kiddos get in our environment, when you sit down with them to connect, play and talk, you're honoring them and giving them the attention they want and need.
  • During Large Group, your level of participation is also setting the pace at which our kids will engage also. Keep it up.
  • In our small group environment, coach Dani "Mace Windu" has prepared you "how to" live out the small group experience. Go do it now!
  • Fill out you attendance and roster sheets.


Nice cellphone there! I know how important the phone is.

  • You can text with it
  • You can call with it
  • It brings oxygen to your life, really. Some actually suffocate if they don't hold it.

But the cell phone does not help you connect with the kids and parents! Here's what King Solomon had to say about this in Proverbs 3: 2, 4.

I give you good advice. So don't turn away from what I teach you. My father taught me. He said, "Hold on to my words with all your heart but keep your cell phone in your pocket. Then you will live.

I still saw some people on their phones while the kids were there. Trust me, you can do without it for a few minutes, few being 90!

Honor is not only about words, it's about actions
  1. Let's honor every single one of our teammates by cleaning up our area after your done serving.
  2. Let's honor our families by leaving after them!
  3. Let's honor the minsitry we serve in by wearing our T-shirts

So now you've read John 1: 35-51. Let's dig in

  • Nazareth? Can anything good come from there? Nathaniel asked Philip that question. "Come and see" was his answer".
Let's find out what "fig tree" answers you can give to "Nazareth" excuses or replies. Today, numbers 1 to 4.

NAZARETH excuse #1

I'm too busy to serve. (other versions may sound like this: My life is too hectic, i don't have the time)

What is (possibly) implied: the person IS too busy, ministry with kids might not be important enough for their busy life.

FIG TREE answers

  • I understand, aren't we all crazy busy right?!
  • It will take only 60 minutes of your time and you'll gain 60 years of gratefulness form parents, kids and church! (You can change the numbers)
  • I think we all agree we're never too busy to give
  • Who has invested in your life and you benefited from it? Be that person for somebody else.
  • Add your version of a fig tree answer
Always be respectful of the person and his concerns, yet, don't take a "no" for a final answer right away!

NAZARETH Excuse #2

I don't fit the profile. (other versions may sound like this: i'm not funny enough, I'm too serious)

What is (possibly) implied: you need to be a funny person to be able to have fun with kids, children's ministry is for clowns,

FIG TREE answers

  • We're not looking for clowns or comedians, we're looking for people who love people!
  • Tell the story of one of your team mates that IS NOT funny but does a great job with the team and the kids
  • We will make sure your talents (name one if you know one!) will be utilized at its best with us
  • Add your version of a fig tree answer

NAZARETH excuse #3

I hate public speaking. (other versions may sound like this: I'm too nervous in front of people, I'm not a teacher)

What is (possibly) implied: I can't teach or preach, children's ministry (or even Sunday school!). A lot of people are also telling themselves that Kidspoint WILL look like adult worship service, which is not exactly the case.

FIG TREE answers

  1. That's so understandable! Did you know that public speaking one of people's worse fears? That's why we don't ask everyone to do it, only those that want to!
  2. Our "public speaker" are our Large Group leaders. You don't need to become one.
  3. We are actually looking for people that will want to connect at a smaller scale, which seems to be your case.
  4. Remind them, we WILL NOT ASK them to do some public speaking.
  5. Add your version of a fig tree answer.

NAZARETH excuse #4

I don't know anyone

What is (possibly) implied: I don't want to be alone, i don't want to have all the weight of the service on me, I'm shy or not good at social relationships

FIG TREE answers

  1. Thanks for your honesty. The good thing about serving in Kidspoint is that we work as a team, no one is left alone.
  2. You'll be able to get to know people and serving is one of the best ways to do this.
  3. Add your version of a fig tree answer.
  1. Become 3 deep in all of our leadership positions by June 30th
  2. Recruit 6 TREK volunteers by April 30th. That's very doable: We have exactly 19 services during this month. That's 1 person for the 8AM, 1 person for the 5PM, 2 for the 9:30 and 2 for the 11:30 AM service.

Have a great one Jedi

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