Frindle Book by Andrew clements project by Jaylyn s.barros

This is a "close enough" picture of Nick's dad.

This is a "close enough" picture of Nick Allen.

This is a "close enough" picture of Nick's mom.

Nick's "close enough" house.

This is Nick's house. In the book, this is where Nick, his dad, his mom, and the principal have a talk.

Nick's "close enough" school.

This is Nick's school. This is where most of the story takes place. This is also where it talks about Nick's teacher.

This is Nick's teacher, Ms.Granger

This is a "close enough" picture of Ms.Granger, Nick's teacher. She dislikes the word Nick made up.


The summary of this book is that Nick has an assignment to do, because of one of his questions. Spoiler alert!!! ... Nick made up the word "Frindle" in place of a bold point pen. Another Spoiler alert!!! ... Nick's full name is Nicholas Allen. His teacher dislikes the word very much, and that starts a WORD, not WORLD, WORD war. Thankfully, that ended soon after, when Ms.Granger gave Nick a note. Oh, and before I'm about to say this, I need to mention that Nick got famous for his new word. Finally, his word ends up in the dictionary.


This is money, because remember when I said, "Nick got famous for his new word.", well ... famous people usually get money, so I just put money in there.


Mrs.Batista for giving this project

/ for making me make this project (I highly recommend it!!!)

Fellow classmates, for giving me ideas

And Albert Ly, for (quote) "close enough" pics!!!

Hope that you enjoyed my project, and please ... appreciate!!!


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