Service Learning Project reflection kelly carragino

For the Service Learning Project, I have spent a lot of time at home working on it. Probably around 10 hours. In Class, I have spent a few classes working on it which probably adds up to 15+ hours. For presentation time, it was about two 10 minute presentations.

The most helpful aspect of the project was being able to gain experience working with real clients in the field. It was also very helpful to get the clients feedback and then make changes to the design based on that.

This project has contributed to my learning and personal growth by giving me experience working on a project for a client, as well as learning to work with them through the whole design process. It made me become aware of the needs of the client as well as designs that would work for town banners.

This project has definitely gave me alot of helpful exprience in working with a real client. It helped me with being able to work with others effectively as well as resolving and managing problems that come with working with clients. It has also showed me the right way to conduct yourself professionally when dealing with clients.

The benefits of working on this project by myself was the ability to create the design that I wanted but at the same time the challenge of working alone is not being able to get advice and a second opinion on your work or be able to collaborate your thoughts with someone else.

The program I used for the final design was Adobe Illustrator CC.

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