Jacob Barrett

Get to know Jacob

Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jacob received his BA in Philosophy and Religion from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2020. Continuing his education, Jacob is currently an MA student at the University of Alabama's Religion in Culture program. He is interested in the intersection of religion and politics, critical theory, and pedagogy for teaching religion at the university level. Jacob hopes to do further research into religious freedom discourses within the US and the plasticity of religion as seen through political leaders. Outside of Religious Studies, Jacob is interested in work being done in Student Affairs and Student Life offices on college campuses.

Teaching Experiences

In his time at Nebraska Wesleyan University, Jacob designed and co-instructed two courses in the Religion department.

World Religions

Investigating the question "Can you teach World Religions without the World Religions Paradigm?" Jacob redesigned and piloted a new World Religions that worked towards teaching critical theory without sacrificing the "content" of a traditional World Religions course. Conducting a complete overhaul of the course and piloting the course 4 times, NWU has adopted the new design as the standard for their World Religions course.

First Year Seminar on New Religious Movements

The first year seminar at Nebraska Wesleyan fulfills two roles: helping first year students adjust to college and teaching content over a topic decided by the professor. In designing and co-instructing the course on New Religious Movements, Jacob was responsible for ensuring that both of those goals were accomplished.

Presentations and Publications

"Religious freedom is about religious freedom" from Stereotyping Religions, Critiquing Cliches Currently writing and under contract with Equinox Publishing to contribute a chapter to this edited volume.

“The Case for World Religions without the World Religions Paradigm” Presented at the 2020 American Academy of Religion – Rocky Mountains-Great Plains Regional Meeting.

“Can’t live with it, can’t drop it from the undergraduate curriculum: World Religions” Presented at the 2019 North American Association for the Study of Religion in San Diego by Dr. Rita Lester and under a publishing contract with Equinox Publishing.

“From Jewish Sect to Christian Religion: Why the Two-Gospel Hypothesis is More Accurate than the Two-Source Hypothesis” Accepted and presented at the 2018 Truman State University Undergraduate Philosophy and Religion Conference.

Jacob also runs a travel blog "The Tulip Travelers". Visit the website here: