Newsletter 15th March 2019

From the Head

'St Olave's does Comic Relief' has been amazing and the children have had a brilliant day raising money for a very important cause. We saw our Year 6 children help the EYFS children with their Red Nose Day obstacle course this morning and they successfully avoided all the snapping crocodiles in the playground as they made their way around. This afternoon was our Red Nose Day Talent Show and I was truly delighted with the number of children who auditioned to take part. The opportunities that the children have to perform in front of an audience really do help to develop their confidence and resilience and this was evident in how they all supported their friends this afternoon. We were entertained by comedy, magic, musicians, science, drama, rapping and contortion, as well as some excellent dancing and singing; all with a bit of comedy thrown in. Our notorious judges were back for another visit (some of them truly enjoy dressing up way too much) and the proceedings were ably compered by Mr Shea with the help of jokes told to him by the children and staff. Thank you to everyone for their support of Mrs Farrell and Mrs Marsh who have yet again organised a fantastic day for the children.

Unfortunately, I have had several complaints from residents about parking, particularly in Parkview Road. We have now had contact from Greenwich Borough regarding this and we will be supporting their efforts to ensure that parents park safely and legally when dropping off or collecting their child from school. I know that the majority of parents are brilliant at finding a safe and considerate parking space and walking a short distance to school, so please continue to do this, as those of you parking over driveways or on corners are jeopardising our positive relationship with local residents which will impact any developments we wish to start in the near future. The Junior Travel Ambassadors and Miss Scott work tirelessly to improve the number of children coming to school by sustainable travel and many of you will start to walk or cycle to school now that the weather is improving. Thank you for your support in this matter.

I hope you have a lovely weekend; good luck to all of our children who are entering the Bromley Festival this weekend; I wish them every success and I am so proud of their confidence in performing at such a young age.

Kind regards, Miss Holloway


On Wednesday, we were delighted to welcome Year 5 and Year 6 pupils and their teachers from our partner school in Calais, l’Ecole Ste Germaine. It was a very busy day during which St Olave’s pupils were able to present the various projects they are currently working on with our French partners. After a welcome assembly and a tour of the school, Year 6 pupils were able to spend the rest of the day with their pen pals doing creative activities in the morning and sport in the afternoon. It was a pleasure to see the children trying really hard to communicate in French with their new friends and the beaming smiles on all the faces at the end of the day.

Year 6

Year 6 have had a fantastic week full of diverse activities. On Wednesday, we were the hosts for our partner French school - Ecole Sainte Germaine. Thirty nine Year 5 and Year 6 children came from Sainte Germaine for a three day residential stay in London and they spent their first day with us. We excitedly received a text to hear that they were in England and we set about getting the day ready for them. When they arrived we all welcomed them in the Hall with an assembly. The Year 2 and Year 4 children sang French songs to them, Year 3 spoke about the recipes they have shared with them and Year 5 and Year 6 greeted them in French and English. Some Year 6 ambassadors then took the French children and teachers on a tour of the school. The French teachers commented on how ‘beautiful the classrooms were’. Year 6 were then partnered with the French students and worked together to create music on the iPads using ‘Garage Band’ and a movie involving Lego characters using ‘iMovie’. After initial hesitancy, the children were communicating and working well together. Then it was lunch time, Year 6 led them to the Hall and we all had a roast lunch together, the French children were intrigued by the jelly dessert but after a few had tried it, it was the most popular dessert! Following lunch, the Year 6 children and the French students were put into groups to have a carousel of sport activities: Table Tennis, Cricket and Seated Volleyball. The French teachers were amazed at how ‘versatile’ our classrooms and Hall were. The amazing day finished with Year 6 giving each of the French students a ‘St Olave’s Teddy bear’ with a message written by the children in Year 6. We all had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing them again when we go on our residential trip to France in May.

The week had not ended, we still had two exciting days! On Thursday, we were lucky enough to have an author visit ‘Sarah McIntyre’. We had a workshop with her and learnt all about how she created her books and how she also illustrated them. We also had our first practice, in our Houses, of our song for the House singing competition at the end of March - the competition is heating up!

Finally on Friday, the children looked amazing in their funny faces and wigs! Supporting a charity is very important to the children and they all showed this by entering into the spirit of the day. The eagerly anticipated ‘Talent show’ is this afternoon and we are all looking forward to seeing the fantastic acts and seeing what the ‘judges’ have to say!

Good luck to all the children competing in the Bromley Festival tomorrow in the Speech and Language categories.

Year 5

We have had a great first week back after our adventure in the Isle of Wight. We started the week by reminiscing about the activities, skills and life lessons we experienced last week. Many of the children felt that they had grown in some way following their residential trip. We drafted letters to the Medina Valley Staff to express our thanks for their hospitality and expertise. The children shared their ideas as a class and expressed some thoughtful reflections of their week. The children then published their letters for them to be sent to the centre. We also received a wonderful email from the staff at the centre who praised the children for their curiosity, manners and perseverance. This was in addition to the wonderful comments we received from members of the public on the ferry to and from the Isle of Wight. They were a credit to the school and it has been brilliant to hear some of the children speak of our residential as a, ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’.

Inspired by our visit to Osborne House, the children had the opportunity to get creative this week. Firstly, the children sketched Osborne House and we then practised our watercolour mixing techniques to create areas of light and shade on a painting. After this, we then applied our colour mixing skills to our sketches. We have some budding young artists in Year 5!

Our children were able to continue demonstrating their artistic flare when we had our visit from author and illustrator ‘Sarah McIntyre’. The children were treated to a brilliant workshop where Sarah explained the process of creating a book and illustrating. Sarah then shared some of her book ‘Pugs of the Frozen North’ to inspire the children when creating their own pug characters. Sarah explained that when she starts to plan a story she often think of it as a board game. We created a beginning and end for our St Olave’s pugs and the children demonstrated their fantastic imaginations as they created some amazing adventures along the way. We think the St Olave’s board game could be the best yet!

Year 4

We’ve had a very exciting week in Year 4. From meeting the visiting French students to amazing author and illustrator Sarah McIntyre and everything else in between!

Our visitors from France were very impressed by the fantastic singing from Year 4. They had all clearly been practising at home - thank you very much - and sang loudly and clearly for the whole school to hear. We were all very proud of them.

On Thursday, we had an amazing workshop with author and illustrator Sarah McIntyre. Using her fabulous book, Pugs of the Frozen North, we all created our own pug characters and took them on a journey (via board game) to the North Pole. Encountering an ice cow, a mean pixie and frozen bird along the way, we are pleased to say that we all made it to the North Pole safely. The children were inspired listening to Sarah and asked some excellent questions at the end.

We have loved continuing with ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ and how Lil’s journey is developing with the aid of her new friends, Tulip and Oz. This week we took on the role of Lil’s headteacher to write a formal letter home after Lil got into trouble for fighting with one of the school bullies. We’re really hoping she doesn’t get into any more trouble…!

Thank you all for your support with Comic Relief this week. It was great seeing all the children come to school with their ‘funny faces’ on and we were suitable entertained at the talent show this afternoon. Well done to all children who took part - it is quite scary performing to the whole school, and even more so with our judges standing by!

Year 3

Yet another out of the ordinary week for 3A and 3S! We had a brilliant visit from author and illustrator, Sarah McIntyre, who astonished us with her artistic ability and entertaining presentation skills. It was fascinating to hear all about her creative process and how she often sees devising a story as a board game; with a beginning, a middle and an end meeting all sorts of strange and wonderful characters and creatures along the way who could help or hinder your journey. We then created our own ‘Race to the North Pole Game’ with Sarah which the children enjoyed enormously. We were also treated to a pug drawing masterclass, where the children (and some of the adults too) drew their own pug. It was brilliant to see how, despite following the exact same instructions, no two pugs were alike! Then on Friday, some Year 3 children showed that age is not a barrier to talent (Talent Show). Well done to Maria-Luisa, Orlando, Raiah, Florence Fitz. and Isabelle for making it through the gruelling audition phase.

Back with our normal work, the children coped well with harder multiplication involving 2 digit numbers multiplied by single digit number, with and without exchanging . Many could explain why 32x3 would be easier to work out than 37x3.

In English, we watched a clip about the rainforest and ‘collected words’ to describe it, to which we developed and added our own ideas. We then set about working in groups to create a descriptive poem of the rainforest, initially writing on slips of paper to help us organise our lines for the best effect. Inspired by the rainforest, we also had a go at creating our own ‘soundscape’ creating sound effects with just our voices and bodies. Next week we will put them both together to create a performance poem about the rainforest.

For IPC, we continued to study the Rainforest. Weather, climate and the different layers of the rainforest were discussed. Some children created an artwork called ‘biome cake’.

Year 2

On Thursday Year 2 met award winning children’s illustrator and author Sarah McIntyre; she told the class all about her book ‘Dinosaur Firefighters’ and the lead character Dipsy the dinosaur. Dispsy’s determination and resilience despite being faced with trials and tribulations was the cause of many giggles at St. Olave’s.

The author explained the process of bringing a story to life – from the initial idea to a published book. The children were fascinated by the fact that many of the skills they had been learning in their writing lessons were used by Sarah McIntyre when writing her stories. The children created their own dinosaur characters in their very own illustrations. Sarah McIntyre was very impressed by the talent and enthusiasm of our young artists.

On Friday, we welcomed lots of red noses and funny faces into school. We were proud and delighted to witness the support for Red Nose Day given by the children and parents. The children showed enthusiasm when discussing the purpose of Red Nose Day and were very empathetic towards those children that are less fortunate. It was wonderful to see what caring and compassionate children we have in Year 2.

The day was finished off with our very own school Talent Show. We were treated to an array of inspiring and entertaining performances. After such a successful show we are sure many of the children will be inspired to take part next year. We are truly delighted by the amount of support parents have shown to this important cause.

In IPC this week, the children discovered all about Grace Darling and her great act of bravery. We compared Grace Darling’s experience of rowing a wooden rowing boat through stormy waves to the rescue services of today. We discussed how technology has enabled us to use speedboats, helicopters, drones and even train animals to save lives! The children expressed how they felt very lucky to live in a time with so many resources to help us. We discussed Grace’s characteristics using vocabulary such as ‘courageous’, ‘selfless’ and ‘resilient’ and the children could see links in her qualities to some of the previous historical figures they have studied.

The children have been amazed by the ‘People of the Past’ they have been learning about and have been excited about achieving great things in their own futures.

Next week, we will be looking at how people created portraits of themselves before photography and other forms of art from the past. We look forward to seeing how the children express themselves using a variety of mediums.

Year 1

The children were very excited on Wednesday to visit The Museum of Childhood. The day began with a very informative workshop called ‘Toys from the Past.’ The children were able to handle various past and present toys. They looked closely at the materials the toys were made from as clues to help them to decide whether they were old or new. The workshop leader showed the children an old photograph of a boy called Albert surrounded by his toys. They had to identify the toys in the photo and discuss the materials and how they would have been played with. She then showed the children a real Noah’s Ark toy from the photo that was very popular with boys in the early 1900’s. After this, the children had the opportunity to play with several old toys including wooden diabolos, whip and tops, cup and balls and spinning tops. The children enjoyed playing with the old toys and were able to describe the main differences between toys from the past and present.

After a sociable lunch with their friends, the children went to the top floor of the Museum to visit an exhibition about pirates. The pirate exhibition awakened a very imaginative group of children. They loved dancing along to the pirate songs, drinking pretend ale from the tankards and having enormous fun onboard a pirate ship. It was a pleasure to watch the children dress as pirates and create imaginative games to play together. We look forward to extending their interest of pirates in the summer term.

Following this, the children were sent on a toy treasure hunt around the museum. Using ipads they had to photograph toys made from different materials and from different decades. They loved this task and worked well in teams to explore the variety of toys on display. All the children then had the opportunity to buy a present for themselves from the museum shop as a memory of the day.

On Thursday, the author and illustrator Sarah McIntyre visited St Olave’s. Year 1 loved listening to the story ‘Dinosaur Firefighters’ and hearing all about Sarah’s experiences as an author. Using their vivid imaginations, the children then helped Sarah to create an astronaut dinosaur! The children were enthralled watching Sarah draw a new character from scratch. Then it was the childrens turn to become illustrators. Step by step, Sarah showed them how to draw Dipsy the Diplodocus. The room was silent as they were engrossed in their illustrations. We think we now have a few budding authors and illustrators!


Money, money, money, must be funny in a Reception’s world!!

We have been practising coin recognition this week, looking at real coins and talking about their similarities and differences. Please continue to look at coins you find in your purse and practise coin recognition with the children at home, this is a vital skill they need before they can add coins together to find a total.

To end off our busy week, we celebrated Red Nose Day by making and decorating biscuits.


This week we have been learning about shopkeepers and finding out how they help us. All the children have played a selection of shopping games in the classroom and we opened our very own grocery shop in the outdoor area.

The highlight of the week however was meeting author illustrator Sarah McIntyre. She read us her latest book “Dinosaur Firefighters” and needed the children’s help to bring the story to life. They all enjoyed acting out some of the scenes and watched in amazement as she recreated some of the characters in front of our very eyes. Her illustrations were amazing!

Back in the classroom we all had a go at drawing Dipsy The Diplodocus and we even had a try outside on the playground with chalks. By the end of the day the playground looked like Jurassic Park!

On Friday we joined in with the fundraising activities for Comic Relief. The children all made a red nose biscuit and completed a red nose obstacle course. It was a great way to raise money for such a worthy cause.



We are looking forward to welcoming the parents of children in Years 3 and 4 for their Instrumental Concert on Monday. There will be refreshments served from 13.45 and the concert will start promptly at 14.00.

If your child is playing or singing, please can you ensure that they have their music and instruments with them on Monday.

Thank you, Miss Beacom

Pet Club

This week we had the opportunity to watch some of the Crufts Dog Show on the whiteboard while we sheltered from the rain. We were then visited by Mrs White and Daisy. Daisy is a Cavachon and is two and a half years old. Her favourite food is chicken and ham. Daisy lets Mrs White know when she wants to go out by barking 3 times and when Mrs White says “do you want to go out?” she barks once to say “yes!”

Daisy was very well behaved and let the children stroke her and take her for a walk round the classroom on her lead. Thank you very much Mrs White and Daisy for visiting us.

Missing and unclaimed Uniform

Several children have lost uniform - please check your child has their own uniform and that it is still clearly named. We have an abundance of lost property without names on - if your child has lost anything please check the lost property box.


Quiz Night 29th March - tickets on sale

We will be accepting any donations of secondhand uniform from Monday 18th March. Please remove name labels. (No shirts or blouses thank you.)

FRSC Monthly Draw

February’s draw has been made. Congratulations to the following:

  • 1st James (5I)
  • 2nd James (5I)
  • 3rd Mrs Brame

Match Funding

Many large companies offer match funding benefits to employees - where they match a figure your chosen charity raises - up to £700 per time. We'd love to hear from anyone whose company offers this benefit, as we are a registered charity and could therefore increase the revenue from the events we run enormously. If just a handful of parents stepped forward it would make a massive difference. Your HR department will be able to confirm if your company participates in the scheme - most large banks do, as well as other sectors.

The Giving Machine

Remember, when you are shopping online you can generate a free cash donation for us just by clicking via www.TheGivingMachine.co.uk. You’ll find over 2,200 of the most popular stores, so it’s easy for you to make a difference without it costing you a penny more than the normal purchase price of your item. Your shopping has already raised over £100 for St Olave’s so please remember to shop through this link whenever you are shopping online!

St Olave’s School Trust on TheGivingMachine: https://www.thegivingmachine.co.uk/causes/st-olaves-school-trust-266085

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