Stealing snow InformaTion

Well it starts at a mental hospital called Whitaker asylum, but as she escapes threw the mirror into a different world. This world is called Algid a magical world very different from the one she is use to. I imagine, as the reader, that it feels very mysterious and not exactly trust worth place to live in.
Like I said it started at the hospital called Whitaker. Then went into the magical world threw the mirror called Algid. Specifically there in the woods of Algid in a small house that is clear from the inside.
In this book it's hard to see when it takes place because it's in a different world. But when the book was just starting I am pretty sure that it is taking place in are time.
It makes me feel like it would be like Alaska . The way they describe Algid. They say that Algid is covered in snow and when she fell into the lake they said it was freezing cold. Also apparently there are a bunch of storm, since snows dad has control over the weather. So right know the weather is extremely cold.
So for the population sounds very odd. In the book there are witches made out of water who live in boats, guys with fire for hair, wolfs made out of ice and kings you can kill you with a touch that would turn you into ice. So fare the people and things living in this world are extremely strange.
I'm not exactly sure because it's kinda like a different world they wear a lot of what they are. If earth leafs, water seaweed or water, sun, flowers etc but snow who lived in the really world just wears a mental hospital uniform so just blue sweat pants and sweat shirt.
The mood is cold and mysterious, in this book so fare you can't really trust anyone. It's very sad and more of a depressed mood. The atmosphere is also cold and sad, mainly because its frozen and covered in ice.
Well the setting started at the hospital which makes sense. Since snow is actually magical it's hard to tell that she isn't crazy in the really world, so it makes sense that she was stuck in Whitaker. It also makes sense since apparently she is a princess they would want her back into there world which explains why they took her only friend so she had to come.


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