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Relevancy, Interest, & Appeal

Relevancy- relevant images trigger viewers’ memory of the written content on the web page. They help you navigate the web page.

Interest- Try not to be cliché by using images that are too literal. You can forgo relevance sometimes to make something more interesting.

Appeal- appealing images are attention grabbers. However, something pleasing to look at for one person is different from another. Web pages that have to do with food should definitely use appealing images.

Legitimate Image Sources

Taking your own pictures is more cost effective than hiring a professional. Many times, illustration is needed. Illustration does not have to be complicated. It can be simple and still do the job. At times, certain illustration might be too advanced. Stock photography and illustrations may be utilized.

Stock photography

Using stock photography can save time. Stock photography is a collection of general images of different kinds of subject matters. Stock photography may come with a licensing charge. Other times, stock photography is free of charge. Images of objects and scenery are readily available in stock photography collections; people are not. Decent images of people require payment. Paid images are usually higher quality than images that are free of charge. There can be exceptions, though. Many people advise against using stock photography on a company’s professional website. This is because stock photography contains generic pictures of people. Actually taking pictures, whether with a professional photographer, or just your phone, you are able to capture the essence and personality of the actual employees that are part of your specific team. Make sure that the photos are candid. Always ensure that the photos are clear and not unfocused. Make sure there is enough lighting and remove any red eyes. Do not mess around with scaling. Try to work with low-resolution images. Use higher quality images to begin with.

free images

Stock.XCHNG contains a huge amount of good, free stock images. Images are reviewed before being added to the collection. Look for restriction-free images on this site. If you are looking for free images of illustrations, visit Old Book Illustrations.

Royalty-free images

These images are not free, though it may sound like it. When you purchase a royalty-free image, it is a one-time payment transaction. iStockphoto is a useful source for this kind of image. Both professional and non-professionals can submit their images for review. The images on istockphoto tend to be of higher quality than the ones on stock.XCHNG because istockphoto compensates its photographers. On iStockphoto there is a credit system in place to pay for images. Subscription packages are also available and may save you money in the long run.

Rights-managed images

This is the most expensive option. Payment is based on how large or small the business is, how many consumers will consume the photo, and how long the photo will be on display. The quality of rights-managed photography is very high. With rights-managed images, you are far more likely to have are more interesting, unique image than if you were to use stock photography.

Utilizing Professionals

Do not hire a general photographer. Get one that is familiar with commercial shots. Word of mouth is the most reliable way to get in touch with a photographer who does commercial work. Include as many details and specifics as possible when requesting a professional photographer, as professional photography is pricey. Keep in mind there are copyright rules to discuss with your professional photographer. If you are in need of an illustrator, browse Hire an illustrator.


Cropping is deciding how much or how little is constrained within a photo. Cropping can get rid of eyesores and other unwanted things that may take attention away from the main focus of the image.

Rectangles are not the only shape that images can be cropped to. Playing with masks in a program like Photoshop can create some unique crops of images.

Knockouts are also a more unique way to crop images. Knockouts involve separating an image from its background.

One simple way to crop an image is to change a vertical picture into a horizontal picture, or the other way around.

Other times, just by zooming in on a detail, you can create a successful image.

You can also use the rule of thirds to get a better crop.

Photoshop Adjustments

Adobe Photoshop is a great program for adjustments such as cropping and editing the levels of contrast, saturation, and brightness. Focusing in on a main point of focus is one of the keys to a good photo. Crop things that might take any attention away from the main focus of the image. Brightness is how much total darkness or light there is in an image. How much the light and dark places of the image differ is known as contrast. When you adjust the hue, you are editing the image’s general color. Decreasing saturation can eventually give your image a grayscale look. Increasing saturation can make your image pop. Photoshop contains many different kinds of filters.

File Formats and Resolutions


Named after its innovator, the Joint Photographic Experts Group, JPEG was designed with the sole purpose of storing images that are photographic in nature. JPEGS can show an infinite amount of colors. Going too far with compression can compromise your image, though.


GIF stands for Graphics Interchange format. Amount of colors determines compression. GIFs are not infinite when it comes to colors. GIFs are limited to 256 colors. For this reason, photographers avoid using GIFS. GIFS are useful for animation and transparency.


PNG stands for Portable Networks Graphic. W3C created it. Transparency is available in PNGs.

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