Installing Backsplash For the First Time by Fragui & Ellie

Hey guys,

I love to watch DYI stuff online and find out how things can be done in different ways. This time my husband and I decided to record our small project for fun, nothing professional as you can see but enough to share our experience. We never installed tiles or backsplash before, we were very afraid of the results, but to be honest we are very proud and happy with the results of our first time installing a tile backsplash in our "old" new home.

Materials and Tools Required: Tile setting Mat, Pre-mixed grout, grout float, measuring tape, pencil, masking tape, ruler (we used our leveler), sponge, bucket with water, scissors, cleaning cloth, tile saw, cardboard for my template, and grout sealer (optional - I did not use it since my grout is gray). For my trim: square dowel, paint and Clear Matte Water-Based Interior Polyurethane.

The total we spent for this project: $49.29
You can rent a Tile Saw at Home Depot for $65 a day or buy for $40 with coupon a Harbor Freight (https://www.harborfreight.com/power-tools/tile-saws/4-12-in-portable-wet-cut-tile-saw-69230.html)

Project step-by-step

Step 1 - Measuring the area and cleaning with TSP
It is a powder you mix with warm water and use to wipe down your wall before glue the tile mat. It is essential to improve your mat stick-to-itiveness.
Step 2 - Template
We created a cardboard template by measuring the project area so we could position the tiles in the right place and use the tape to guide our cuts.
Step 3 - Cutting the tiles

Very easy to use this wet saw, just put water in a small compartment, turn on and voila! TIP: PUSH THE TILES VERY SLOWLY FOR A PERFECT CUT.

Perfect Cut
Step 4 - Drying the tiles
Make sure the tiles are completely dry before applying to the adhesive mat.
Step 5 - Apply Adhesive Mat
  1. Place adhesive mat and measure
  2. Cut with scissors as needed
  3. Apply adhesive mat then flatten air cuts if needed with the grout float
Step 6 - Adding Trim to our project

We decided to add a trim to this project but could not find one that would work. We found a $.99 cents hardwood square dowel and used as trim.

This wood can be cut with any saw.

Ps: we found this great table saw Pre-Owned at https://www.directtoolsoutlet.com/zrrts11

Step 7 - Place trim and tiles on the adhesive mat
Place trim and tile on the mat by carefully following the layout
Ready to apply grout
Step 8 - Apply pre-mixed grout and clean

This process was so messy and it dried so quickly that I forgot to take a picture/video :( Apply the pre-mixed grout with the float and work in small areas.

Step 9 - Wipe tile and remove haze

With a damp sponge and clean water change frequently) wipe area in circular motions. After 4 hours (see grout instructions) use a damp cloth to remove the haze.

Step 10 - Paint the trim and enjoy the view

I painted the trim the next day the same color as my cabinets, and applied a Clear Matte Water-Based Interior Polyurethane 2 days later.

Suggestion to shop for Interlocking Backsplash Tile: We found a great place and price for that kind of projects (including flooring, etc) at Southeastern Salvage at www.southeasternsalvage.com

FINAL RESULT (I sprayed paint the range hood with black and silver)