The Japanese Pilot The Soldier that refused

Before Pearl Harbor

My father is trying to destroy one of the US bases, specifically Pearl Harbor. My older brother Kazuo died in a battle between some Russians. He left one night, saying that he was going to a friends house, but later we found out that he had met a Russian to settle some “business”. There were a lot of sadness and tears the next day. My brother served his country well and it is a shame he died. My father sees no point in grieving his death.

“Kazuo is dead and there is nothing you can do. Stop mourning, there is stuff to do to carry out this bombing,” he would always say.

My father has been planning an attack on Pearl Harbor for a while. I’m not exactly sure when this is going to happen, but my father is hoping before Christmas. It’s almost November so I don’t think that’s going to happen. My father is currently trying to find people who are willing do it for him. As of now, he has one person, me. I really didn’t have a choice. When he told me, I couldn’t really say no, because he is basically in charge of this whole attack. Also, my brother was a soldier and I would be a disgrace if I said no. I would be kicked out of my family and I couldn’t do that to my mother and sisters. It just so happens that I’m the right age for it. He promises that I will be in the plane that doesn’t get destroyed. Honestly, if I have to do this, I would rather die while doing my evil actions.

10 Years Ago

When I was ten, a missionary, as he called himself, was in Japan. I was on my way home from school. He came up to me and offered to help me with my books because I had gotten a lot of homework that day. When we were about three blocks from my house, I asked him why he was being so nice.

“The Lord tells us to,” he said.

“Who’s ‘The Lord’”? I asked. He pulled a brownish book. It was really thick and it looked like it had never been opened. He said it was called the Bible and it’s from the religion of Christianity. I’ve heard my parents talk about that before. I didn’t know what it was then, but I knew they hated it.

“Go home and share this with your family,” he said.

I knew I couldn’t share this with my family. They would destroy this precious book. Maybe there was hope in it. There was a lot of fighting going on at the other side of the world. I didn’t want that to come here.

I hid it under my bed when I got home. I’ve read a couple pages every night, in bed, under my covers, with my flashlight so my brother wouldn’t see me. It’s not right to bomb these innocent people in America. If all of them are as nice as the man I met, that would just be cruel.

The Night Before

I’ve stayed up really late each night thinking about what I should do about the attack. If I tell him no, he won’t care and will still go through with the plan. There was nothing I could do to stop him. If I went with the plan, I would be going against what the Heavenly Father wants me to do. I’m not sure what to do.


Training’s over. Time to say goodbye. I leave in the morning. My father thinks I’m coming back alive so I can’t make these goodbyes too deep. I wish I could stay behind and take care of my mother and sisters, unfortunately that can’t happen.

After goodbyes, I leave my bible out on my dresser for my family to see. I want them to come to know Christ as well.

It’s 1:30 in the morning by the time I have to leave. I quietly sneak out of the house so that I don’t disturb my family. I make it down to the base where I find the plane I will be riding in. Luckily it is a one person plane so I don’t have to worry about killing anyone else. When everyone’s ready, we take off. It feels so weird to be flying a plane that you know has a bomb in it to kill people. I go through my plan in my head. I hope I can convince some other pilots to join me in this.

The Flight

By the time we get to the target, it’s almost three in the morning back home. Everyone goes for the main island. It’s time for my plan. I make sure there’s no one behind me and I slow almost to a stop, just enough to stay in the air, and drop my bomb in the ocean, far away from any people. I know some Japanese soldier must have seen me, so I know that I can’t act like nothing happened and go back, because otherwise I will be accused of treason and that would lead to torture, then later death. I turn my plane to the side and find a small island that seems to be inhabited. I land my plane and look around the island. It’s not very big, and I can still see the targeted islands. I plan to stay there for a while. I studied edible plants, so I should be good on food for at least a week. I have lots of food and water in my plane anyways, you know just in case.

The End

When everything dies down a little bit, I make a little shelter and start a fire. Whatever happens, God will be there to guide me. After another ten minutes or so, the planes begin to fly back out, well what’s left of them. Almost all of them are gone when a plane with it’s bomb still in it flies over me, and drops the bomb. Then everything goes black.


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