Fans Weigh In: Dormady v. Guarantano, who's the next leader on Rocky Top?

As we approach this next season the question on everyone’s mind is, who will replace Joshua Dobbs? Will it be the experienced Junior Quinten Dormady? Or will it be the fast-emerging young Red Shirt Freshmen Jarrett Guarantano?

Dormady brings experience and leadership to the table, which he showed a lot of on Saturday.

Dormady has played behind Dobbs for the entirety of his career at UT, but many fans think its his time to be in the spot light.

Tyler Chumney (middle), a long time UT fan from Paris, TN, praises Dormady by naming some things that make him the right candidate, "More consistency, more experience, and he knows the offense better."

Dormady ended the Spring game perfect completing 10 of 10 passes while passing for the only two touchdowns of the day.

After his 19-yard touchdown pass to Eli Wolf, Dormady is welcomed at the bench by his team mates. This is a great representation of his leadership.

JR Clay (left), a Junior here at UT, had this to say about Dormady's locker room presence, "He has had two extra years to create chemistry with the wide receivers as well as with the rest of the team."

Dormady preparing to hit his targets during the annual QB challenge at Saturday's Orange and White game.

The annual QB Challenge proved to be not so difficult for the poised Junior, as his cannon of an arm lead him to the QB Challenge crown.

Dormady throws the ball 50 yards to be only 1 of 2 QB's that were able to complete the Hail Mary Challenge.

Guarantano brings something else to the table entirely. He knows when to scramble and his quickness makes him an elite dual threat. He reminds people of Dobbs.

"This offensive line and receiver corps developed under Josh Dobbs who is more like Guarantano than Dormady," "He is just more mobile," proclaimed Nathan Rogers, a UT student and super fan.

Guarantano using his close to perfect throwing motion to come close second to Dormady during Saturday's QB challenge.

Clint McCormick, a super senior here at UT, had this to say about Guarantano's spot on the team, "He can still be the future and he's got ungodly amounts pf talent and potential, but his decision making skills aren't there yet."

Guarantano puts everything he's got into the Hail Mary challenge, only to come up short.

Guarantano exudes confidence thanks to his raw talent, but his lack of experience makes his candidacy less persuasive. This was very apparent Saturday when he had a slow start and was sacked a few too many times, but that raw talent helped him finish strong.

Chase Jones, a UT alumni, said this while agreeing with the idea that Saturdays scrimmage really changed the tide of the QB battle, "Before the Orange and White game, I would have said guarantano simply based on his high school stats and how he would better replace Dobbs, but after that game, I am leaning towards Dormady."

Despite all of the controversy, both QB's are heavily involved with the team, as you can see in this picture of them both in the huddle. With a team of veterans, most seem to think that Dormady is the safe bet, but only time will tell.

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