David Carson by; autumn clewis

David Carson was born September 8, 1954 of Corpus Christi, Texas, he stayed there until he went to go attend San Diego university for sociology. In his time period, it was around the start of the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr.

What happened in his life I believe was significant was he was able to attend all of these different types of colleges that allowed him to get a broader education which helped him figure out what he wanted to do with his life, and further influences in his life allowed him to be such a great graphic designer.

The overall meaning of his artwork is he wanted to present a different perspective, definetly wasn't a rule follower when it came to graphic design he was a little dirty in that aspect. In a lot of his works they all have different focal points which is the point he makes in standing out. Also, he uses many elements or art such as contrast of different colors.

Created By
Autumn Clewis

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